How to Put a Picture into your Email Signature

    Why should you have a picture on your
    email? Well the number of reasons is
    huge. People like people they can see! It
    creates instant liking or at least avoid a
    missing picture or antagonism created by
    lack of recognition.

    This is a simple how to do it on fixing up
    Email Signatures on Yahoo and Hotmail.
    (For Gmail see below)

For an Example

The Picture and Text above was designed and created by me to promote my custom poetry page. I
can create a  page for you with music playing if you like and an awesome poem.

I use Yahoo mail. It is very simple to put a picture or other images in the signature.

Gmail* I have figured it out. It is simply too complicated in my opinion.  

Yahoo, you go to Options in the upper right. Then select "Signatures"

If you have a business account it's slightly different. After options, click on "Mail Accounts". Once there,
select the email account you want to edit and click edit. Button is directly above it. Once there, make
sure "Colors and graphs" is selected. You can play with that by trying to paste. On Plain text, you can't
paste. To paste see the next step.

When you are there, you can paste items
that are already posted on the web. You need to go to the
site where the photo is or text/photo, copy it there and then paste it inside the signature window.

Hotmail works the same way. Go to Options, upper right, pull down to "More Options". After this you
will see "Customize Your Mail" Under this heading click on "Personal Email Signature."

You then repeat data in the fourth paragraph.

If you don't have the picture you want on the web, email it to me and I'll post it. We can remove it later
if  you like. You can then copy it from my site and paste it in your email signatures. You can also post
on Facebook.

Contact me if you need help. If I can, I'll walk you through this.

If you have found this helpful, don't be shy, hit the donate button.

Have a great day!

Carl, The Poet

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*1/28/09 Gmail picture signatures etc. It's complicated. I did it but I'd have to do it several time before I could begin to
explain it. If you want to do it, you need to have Foxfire as your browser. You need to add "WiseStamp" Software to that.
You then need to set up your signature. Once it is set up, you can stamp your picture onto your emails. It is not automatic
like in Hotmail or Yahoo. My recommendation is change services.

If you'd like me to do Gmail for you, $500.00 per signature. You provide the logo or picture. Any text you want and I'll set
it up. You'll need to load all the soft ware and I'm sure we can get you all set up. If the price sounds high, it is. I don't really
want to do this but I'll help you if you really want it. It took me 6 hours to learn this. Donate via any donations button just

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