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Good Day Earth People!

I'm one of you, sort of.  I was born here and have lived my entire life here in
the United States.

I'm a citizen, and due to military service, fingerprinted.

Being a human carries responsibilities if we are going to continue to play the
game of living on Earth.

What are those responsibilities?

I'm threw that question out to my followers and while I got a lot of reactions,
none offered ideas for helping resolve the problems man and Earth are

I know people care and are concerned. They know Earth's survival is directly
tied to humanity's survival.

So Why the Lack of Real Response?

I Believe the Problem is TOO BIG for Most People to

Therefore, I'd like to break the situation down into smaller things that I believe
anyone can confront and do.

I am not trying to represent that these are the only aspects of survival that
needs improving. It is just a few areas to make the point!


What can people do in their homes and businesses that might help humanity
and planet Earth?

The first thing that comes to mind is recycling. It's been a hot topic for some
time. I'm certain it is having an impact.

I'd like to suggest we move away from metal containers and use glass
exclusively. Glass does not contaminate our food and beverages. Glass is
made from cheap materials readily available. Glass can be reused by the
consumer and industry.

I would support a tax on metal containers.

Power Usage, Transportation

My goodness, the gas sipping cars are great as long as they have another
lane to drive slow in. Personally I don't like going slow EVER when I'm driving
in normal conditions.

I do not believe gas sipping cars are not the answer. Even the gas/electric
cars are not as efficient as they could be. They help.

A better idea is hydrogen. Hydrogen is everywhere and is the fuel to use. It
has zero pollution!

We currently have natural gas and propane powered vehicles. So
mechanically we can use a compressed gas to fuel vehicles with little effort.

There is no reason beyond profits not to use hydrogen. Ask for it and keep


If you are a home owner, install a gray water system. That is where your sink
and shower are used to water the landscape and garden.

It saves in fresh water and on sewage processing. It will lower your cost too.

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The electric companies are owned by big money, nuclear money, banksters.

If you're a home owner and can swing it, go solar. It does work very well.

Also if you can get any input into the electrical generation industry push them
to go hydrogen and or solar. It can be done but again profits are the barrier.

A small thing is to convert all lighting to
LEDs. The initial cost is high but they
do last a long time and are very low cost! My entire house is
LED lighted.

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Until the power industry comes up with a sane and safe way to dispose of
nuclear waste, all nuclear power production should stop.

As it is, the radioactive waste is accumulating every day into a bigger and
bigger problem. This problem will not go away for millions of years unless a
solution is found.

Fukushima is a threat to man's survival on earth. Currently, they have no
solution for the on going contamination of land, air and water. Tepco
estimates it will take 30-40 years to decommission Fukushima.
Decommissioning will not handle the radiation already created only stop the
increase of waste.

Worse, in the Fukushima disaster, is the stored "spent" radioactive rods on
top of the damaged building. If it falls, we are in deep trouble. "Spent" is a
complete lie. Those fuel rods are extremely radioactive and dangerous!

As of March 2014, Tepco has been removing the
fuel rod assemblies. As far
as I know, they still exist and must be stored somewhere.

Bigger Picture

When you think there is an injustice, speak up. Send emails, letters, sign
petitions and even call.

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Lack of a Goal

Another aspect is people may have simply neglected to set a goal for planet

How to set and achieve targets and goals is given in the following video.

My goals are outlined in my article
New Civilization!

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Do you have suggestions for a “
How To” article? Let me know :-)

GodFather Advice"
Listen and Guide, Someone to.

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