I have encountered far too many people with a low opinion of themselves. (It's
also true I've encountered a few with too high of an opinion but that's a
different article.)

I'm not sure where this, the low opinion, comes from exactly but I'll put forth
my educated guess, my  opinion, in the text below.

What is Beauty?

Beauty is the effect you create on others. I bet you didn't expect that definition.

Shoot someone in the foot, do you think they will admire you? If you shoot
me, I will not admire you.

If you hug me, smile at me, notice good things, agree with me, I will admire
you. I will do this because you are REAL to me. If you try to fake the process,
that will show just like the fake smile of a politician! I've watched very
convincing ones lately promising the world while stealing us blind on every
front. But such a convincing smile and beautiful words! He's still a crooked

Body Beauty

I've addressed this before. A beautiful body is like the bait on a hook. Homo
sapiens needs mates to continue the race BUT an attractive body does not
make one beautiful. See my article
Warmth of a Smile.

You Are Beautiful

I have never met anyone that did not have a beauty within themselves at
some level. I have met a few that really make it difficult to find their beauty!
But I know its there! See my article
What's Inside!

Do you have a low opinion of yourself?

Or perhaps, it's not low but just not as high as it should be!

I'm betting that others have convinced you that you are less than you are or
could be. They have criticized you, made you wrong, told you are stupid, ugly,
never going to amount to anything, lazy, ignorant, and on and on. Related
Who Has the RIGHT to Insult You?

Probably you can think of a few things your family have said to you that made
you feel bad!

And no doubt, your employer(s) past and present. How about your spouse?
Does he/she often sound like his/her parents when they are upset?

And there's always the “friend” that is telling you “for your own good” what is
wrong with you. That's a good line “What's wrong with you is...” or “The thing
wrong with you is...”

Most people treat you like they were treated. So they aren't all bad but often
have been trained by pain to react the way they do. There is little, if any,
thinking behind their venom. You just happen to be a “friend” they can whittle
down with some safely.

See if you can recall someone speaking to you this way? Or someone
speaking to others this way? Perhaps you've done this too?

If you found yourself guilty of doing this, now that you've spotted it, you can
simply decide if you wish to continue help kill off your friends and family or to
change and be a true friend. It's your choice.

This is called invalidation, making wrong or less of

The government does this every time we let them take over an industry or
problem area. By doing this, they are telling us we can't handle the problem,
we are weak and stupid. Unfortunately we usually have failed to take
responsibility and thus let the government cease power!

Healthcare is an example of that. Many people in America complained and
failed to be effective. So the federal government has illegally took over and
will be dictating your care. And who's going to pay for it? It is totally corrupt
but that's not the point of this article either.

You are successful!

You are far more successful than you are a failure. Were this not true, you
would not be able to read this. See Related Article:
Twitter People Are FAR
Above Average!

Additionally, if you are not more correct in your actions, more successful, than
you are a failure, you die. You are reading this so you haven't made a fatal
mistake nor made enough little mistakes to die.

Many people have good opinions of you. I do! You're taking the time to read
this and perhaps improve yourself. That will help you and mankind. Thus I

Look around. Do you have friends any where? Do you have any family that
cares about you? If you don't email me and we can set up a regular
communication. I'll help you. No cost!

The media is constantly feeding you bad news. Radio, TV, newspapers, the
internet, even your “friends” and family feed you bad news. “Look how bad it
all is!”

Well, it is not all bad! Did you eat today? Good! It could be worse.

Now what can you do to improve things? What can you do to improve your
opinion of yourself?

Tips on Survival:

1. Change your viewpoint!
  • Look around and see the beauty around you. It is not all ugly. Have you
    seen a toddler lately? That's beauty and they are so alive!
  • Recall the times you have helped someone, even a little!
  • Recall some of the times you've been successful, that you've been right!
  • Right now, just change your mind and decide you're great!

2. Improve your diet and rest habits.
    Tired or ill fed people think all is lost. Recall the last bad hangover you
    had! So just start getting a little sleep and eating regular meals. If you
    need data on nutrition, contact me, I'm trained in health! Also, vitamin B1
    can help a lot of things, you might try it. I give some recommendations in
    a related article "Bad News, How to Handle."

3. Stop watching, reading, or listening to the news! Just try it! Go see a good
movie. Listen to some good music or read a book. Read the article listed
Contact me!

4. Put some time into learning! Learning is an expansion of you, your
beingness. If you ever totally stop learning, you will be dying or dead. If you
need something to study, there's a list of article that I recommend below or
contact me!

5. Change friends! Lose the negative people. Once, my wife and I cut all
communication with her aunt for four years. Our life got simpler and better! If
you absolutely can't cut communications with negative people,
contact me. I'll
coach you on how to handle them. No cost. Don't let others pull you down to
their level of misery! Related article:
Who Has the RIGHT to Insult You?

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