Considering Divorce?

Don’t want a divorce or not sure what to do?*1

Special note below to those already divorced!*2

May I make some suggestions?

Originally, you married for various reasons or perhaps there was no “reason”
only warmth, affinity (love, liking, willingness to share space with someone) or
other non-logical factors, can you agree with this?

Of course you could have been totally out of your mind and didn’t really know
what you were doing in which case you didn’t really marry. But assuming you
weren’t fully insane, get a paper and pen, please.

Step 1:

Now make a list of the reasons you married. Don’t be lazy, write full
descriptions with details. Kind of hard to do? Make sure you are
fed and
. Taking some Vit. B1 might help.

Now make a list of the reasons to stay married! (We haven’t gotten to the
reasons not to yet. Stay with me!)

Did you make thorough list? Read them both over to see if they are totally
complete and accurate! Don’t forget to mention that smile you loved!

If you didn’t actually write them down, this will not work. There’s too much
garbage flying around in your universe to handle this question without writing
down all the facts! Just thinking about it will not work because I bet you’ve
done that already!

Are there children? Do you feel children survive better with two full time
parents or split part time parents?

Make sure to include the survival and well being of your child or children.

Please don’t continue until you’ve done the above. We are working together
on this or should be and it’s good practice to cooperate a little sometimes.

Click to proceed with  Step 2!

Foot notes:

It is my firm belief that saving a marriage is better in almost all situations
with few exceptions. When you married you agreed to create a future and
that is an agreement you need to keep not make excuses about why you aren’
t keeping up your end of the marriage. Your spouse needs you else there
would have been no marriage in the first place.

If you are divorced, you should definitely read this and do the steps. Do all
the steps including having your ex do the steps too!

If you fail to clean up the harmful actions YOU committed or those actions you
failed to do that created harm, you will carry these into your next relationship.
This excess baggage will make your next attempt at happiness much less
likely to succeed.

At some point, you must be honest and responsible for not only yourself but
your spouse. You spouse is doing the very best, the absolute best to survive,
to make a good life with you. Though there were mistakes, basically we all try
to survive and we all make mistakes.
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