Death, Graveyards                                        7/07/14

What is it about graveyards that can make them scary?

Could it be all the horror movies that use graveyards as the location for
murder and mayhem?

Perhaps they are not scary but merely evoke sadness or grief? Do they
remind you of someone gone?

Or could the grief and fear be because a bit of your attention is stuck in
some grave centuries old?

Other People's Emotions

Or could your misemotion (antagonism, anger, covert hostility, fear, grief,
apathy) be coming from someone else? Are you feeling someone else's

I've experienced
this many times.

Do you get random negative thoughts? Are those yours? Perhaps not!

Ghost, Demons, Spirits

Perhaps what you feel is someone who no longer has a body? Do they
seem to be trying to communicate with you?

Oh yes,
they are real.

Around graveyards, the more degraded spirits will have a tendency to hang
around. They're too dazed and confused to go anywhere.

You could have one detect you and think you're a ray of hope. They might
follow you. No worries.

They have lost everything and have less than zero power. They are not

Can you imagine losing all your family, all your friends, everything you own
including your body? That is a shock. Your car is gone. Your bed is gone,
everything. That's what happens to a spirit when
their body dies.

What do YOU Think?

This has nothing to do with religion. This only has to do with you.

So what do you think? Are my above words unsettling? Now why do you
think that might be?

I'm asking you to look, to see, the truth about yourself.

So again, what do you think? Are you a body, a mind or a spirit?

If the body dies...
what are you?


If you know you're an immortal spirit and could regain everything again,
would you be so confused or dazed so much upon losing a pair of socks or
an old body?

Perhaps you would not have the same socks or car or spouse but you could
create a new family and obtain new material assets. I can assure you socks
will always be around :-)

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Immortality, Life is Grand!

If you're immortal and know it, you could know life is a

How many times have you had a different body? I remember many different
ones. I remember times I had no body.

Life is grand when you know this society can not do you permanent harm.

When you have certainty in your own immortality, you are the dangerous

I am dangerous but also the most friendly “ghost” you've ever encountered.
I'm not a ghost. I am a spirit.

I hope you have a lot of questions. Should you ever want answers, I'm here.

Let me know if there's a subject you need to know more about, a question
you'd like expanded on or anything you'd like to see me write an article
about. Happy to do so as I'm always looking for new ideas. Contact me via
this site by going

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