DayDreaming-Young Girl

“When I first met her, from a distance, she was cute, cool a bit aloof
“When I met her again, I found her beauty had grown beyond reproof”

Day dreaming, I gaze on these warm pictures in my mind
Remembering her beauty all oh so fine

“Her smile is dearly dazzling, her youth glowing
“She is young, alive, her incredible beauty flowing”

I'm wondering about this dream, what I'm doing, beautiful girl, amusing
Pictures of her, delightfully her beauty and charm, she was using

“I followed her around, showing her off to friends
“A couple secular days, I wish would never end”

Ah but that was then and today I dream, with words I relate
Pictures of brilliant smiles, a relationship I can not berate

“We watch the sunset taking pictures of the splendor
“Getting chilled from the evening air we seek succor”

Recalling the pictures, an interesting day,
babysitting a 22 year old shining star
She loved being admired, I admired her safely from afar

The dream near ending, more adventures yet, my affinity for her grew
Still to this day, she's a lady I love, loving always new

Pleasant today to dream about, dreaming about beauty and life
I have to share this poem even with my wife

The lady of my day dreams melts all who see her light
The beauty shared with you would probably keep you awake tonight

So I'll be nice and keep the glowing warmth to myself
I so wish her happiness and someone warm for herself

Dream, imagine, the beauty that you want, that would delight
Day dream or as you sleep, fine the love that's for you tonight

The end!~

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