Dare to be Theta*

We met long ago in a land far away
I was young and looking for a love that would stay.
He was young and handsome, hot
Our lives fell together and we tied the knot.

Happiness was abound, many years passed
My love for him was enduring, proven to last.
Memories I hold dear were created with this man
I thought I was going to live forever in a happy land


One dark day, the happiness went away
His sanity turned from light to the darkest of gray.
His heart fell, cold beyond belief
He struck out at me, seeking his own relief

My love he betrayed
From my heart he strayed.
Then again using my love, he attacked
He used my love to hurt, stabbed me in the back

Much to his surprise, my statute started to rise
I grew and became stronger with each attack before his eyes.
As I expanded as a spiritual being, I was growing
I saw my life was just starting, the old life was going.

To the spouse that is unkind
Remember that the other is of your kind
A love created, when thoughtlessly shattered
Hurts all, affinity tremendous really has mattered

You can’t harm your 2d*
Without effecting all you d’s.
The person you pledged to support
You must back them to the last resort.

Do you remember the code of honor
You decline from violations of any corner
Responsibility you have for your dynamics
Remember they are all your mechanics

Your spouse is never to blame
Don’t think your spouse has that much fame
Only you have the power to harm yourself
Only you have the power to repair yourself.

Stay with the tech that is true
It will see you through
A new day is dawning across the land
Now join us, lend us your helping hand.

©2009 Carl Watts
*Theta=life or the spirit, implying you're going to live well!
Dynamic(s) areas of survival urges or existence.
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