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Healthful Pleasures...What a Concept!

I have observed over the years of working with clients nutritionally that
introducing the idea of a “lifestyle change” in order to attain and maintain
optimum health is not often met with the greatest enthusiasm… In fact, the
very term “lifestyle change” frequently becomes synonymous with deprivation
and loss of pleasure. The good news is that this is not the case!

Webster’s New World Dictionary defines Pleasure as a thing that gives
delight or satisfaction; a pleased feeling; enjoyment. So, if we can substitute
“non-survival” pleasures for “survival pleasures,” we can all become Healthy
Hedonists!*   Here are some pleasurable possibilities to start with:


    Since food plays such a major role in our lives,
    both in terms of the “pleasure factor” and the
    overall health of our bodies, we need to satisfy
    both elements. Here are some recipes that are
    raw, alkalizing, energy producing and yummy:

    “Super Green Shake”

    In a blender, add 1 avocado,
    1 peeled lime, ½ cucumber, 1-2 cups of raw,
    well-cleaned spinach, ¾ cup of almond milk
    and ice.

Some Stevia can be added as a sweetener, if desired. Just whiz this around
in the blender and voila, you have a very tasty and nutrient packed breakfast
or lunch.

“Energy Salad”

Slice 1 avocado, 1 tomato and ½ of an English cucumber over watercress or
arugala and add some alfalfa or mung bean sprouts. This can be served with
lightly steamed broccoli or asparagus and brown rice or a sprouted grain
bread like Manna or Ezekiel or any other sprouted grain bread which can
then be topped with almond butter.

The salad can be topped with lemon juice & cold-pressed olive oil, pepper
and “Real Salt,” plus any herbs that you like. This makes a wonderful lunch
or dinner.


Regular, controlled exposure to Ultra violet light offers a wealth of health
benefits and it feels Great! If you don’t have the opportunity to spend 15 – 20
minutes out in sunshine every day (especially in this weather), a Tanning
Salon is a wonderful treat!

Tanning beds are regulated as class 1 medical devices. The positive effects
of UV exposure on the body include: increased oxygen capacity of the blood;
increased resistance to infections; increased tolerance to stress; decreased
blood pressure and lowered cholesterol. It enhances the Chi or life force
energy of the body. And UV light is our primary source of Vitamin D, which
assists in the absorption of calcium.  

As long as exposure to UV light is done in moderation and the body is getting
sufficient amounts of the unsaturated fatty acids, such as Flax, Omega 3,
Borage, Sunflower or Olive Oil, it’s very therapeutic for body, mind and spirit.
Spending 12 to 20 minutes lying in a tanning bed with eyes closed is sooo
relaxing and, at the same time, very invigorating!

Therapeutic Hot Baths

Luxuriating in a specially treated hot, foamy bubble bath for 20 – 30 minutes
is completely yummy! I add a special “neutralizer” and ‘liquid green soap” to
the bath that alkalizes the water and pulls damaging toxins out of the body
while healing and moisturizing the skin. It’s totally relaxing, melting away the
stresses of the day and producing a completely sound and restful sleep with
enhanced energy the next day…It definitely qualifies as a health promoting
pleasure. These two ingredients are available through my office if you are
interested in trying this out.

These are only the beginning of many possibilities to explore in this
adventure of becoming a  Healthy Hedonist.

Judith Cutler has been a nutritionist in the L.A. area for 20 years and a
natural products developer. She is the founder of BioTech Solutions

(818) 249-4122
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*Hedonist-pleasure seeker


Fortify Your Body's Immune System Against
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Recently the media has bombarded us over the airwaves with threats of
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There was the Swine Flu,the Bird Flu  (also known as the Asian Flu) and, of
course, the 1918 Spanish Influenza Pandemic.

The broad-scale upset that is caused by this broadly publicized threat throws
people into fear and focuses their attention on the body and its potential
demise or, at the very least, great suffering, and the loss of production and

The most productive way to be on top of the situation is to focus on
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This is accomplished through a nutritional analysis and a customized formula
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