Fortify Your Body's Immune
System Against the Possibilities
Of Getting the Flu this Winter!

Recently the media has bombarded us over the airwaves with threats
of pandemic viruses. This is not the first of these events to occur.

    There was the Swine Flu,

    the Bird Flu  (also known as the Asian
    Flu) and, of course, the 1918 Spanish
    Influenza Pandemic.

    The broad-scale upset that is caused by
    this broadly publicized threat throws
    people into fear and focuses their
    attention on the body and its potential
    demise or, at the very least, great
    suffering, and the loss of production and

The most productive way to be on top of the situation is to focus on
something YOU can do to fortify the glands and organs of your
immune system so that any invading organism cannot survive in your
body. This includes testing the thymus gland, the spleen, adrenals and
the lymphatic system and fortifying them. At BioTech Solutions, we
also check for the presence of bacteria and viruses currently in your

This is accomplished through a nutritional analysis and a customized
formula to strengthen and fortify your Immune System and to provide
an internal environment that is very "unwelcoming" to invading

    We've created "The Peace of Mind
    Special" for only $85 (plus Tax/S/H) with
    the purpose of boosting your body to
    allow it to avert this threat entirely or
    greatly minimize its impact if you are

    I hope that you take advantage of this
    special for yourself and for your family. It
    is a far less expensive solution than
    waiting until the flu strikes and then
    dealing with its effects.

Call BioTech Solutions to schedule your personalized formula!  

BioTech Solutions
Judy Cutler
(818) 353-7454

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