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Before Life Became a Disease…

Once upon a time, not so very long ago, I remember that life was quite
different then it is today.  I remember that a change started occurring
somewhere around the late 60’s to the early 70’s in the way that we viewed
life or were led to view life. It started out gradually and then gathered
momentum over the years until it is now the dominant message that we see
and hear over every media outlet in our country today, be it TV, radio,
newspapers or magazines. So what is it that changed, what really

    Well, in my observation, it seems that life has
    systematically become classified as a disease!
    The viewpoint, prior to this happening, was
    that life was an adventure, sort of like a puzzle
    to be worked out and you did the best that you
    could with what you had to work with to get the
    best results. It certainly had its challenges and
    the usual stresses of juggling work, family,
    school, romantic involvements and social life,
    etc., but that was just an inherent part of living.

Today, countless aspects of life and human behavior have been re-classified
as “mental illnesses” just by simply adding the word “disorder” onto them and
listing them in the “Psychiatric “Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental
Disorders,” referred to as the DSM. Each “disorder” has its own code, which
the Psychiatrists use in billing insurance companies so that they can be paid
for “treating” that condition. The pharmacies use these codes with insurance
companies  to ensure that they get paid for  the drugs that are prescribed to
“cure” these conditions.  

So, the DSM is a “billing bible” of so-called mental disorders. Here’s the
history of it: Back in the 1800’s, a German psychiatrist named Emil Kraepelin
was working on a system to codify human behavior, while he simultaneously
acknowledged that psychiatry had no effective treatments or cures for
psychiatric disorders. But it wasn’t until 1952 that the first DSM was actually
published. And at that time, there were 112 possible maladies listed. The
1994 issue of the DSM now lists 370 “disorders” with more in the works.

Here are just a few examples from the DSM of life situations classified as
“disorders” and some of the codes given to them:

A child in school having difficulty with Reading, Writing or Arithmetic is now
classified as having “Reading Disorder” (Code 315.0) or “Math Disorder,”
(Code 315.1) or “Disorder of Written Expression,” (Code 315.2). Pages and
pages go on to codify what we once knew as “Childhood” as now being
labeled a disease or disorder. The symptoms include things such as can’t sit
still or wait in lines, don’t listen, don’t like to do homework, don’t pay attention
to details and speaking out of turn. In other words, just being a kid.

Since 1987, PMDD - Per-menstrual Dysphoric (meaning unpleasant mood)
Disorder has been listed in the DSM. It refers to female monthly mood swings
with physical pain. Another female “disorder” listed is Post Partum
Depression which is basically the transition a woman makes from being
pregnant to recovering after the delivery of her baby. With these two natural
occurrences now listed and codified, “Womanhood” has officially become a
mental disorder.

Quite factually, these conditions are most often caused by nutritional
deficiencies and hormonal imbalances.  Getting checked for minerals and B
vitamins, as well as fatty acid and carbohydrate metabolism and blood sugar
levels, plus hormone regulation and then implementing the precise nutritional
corrections could effectively de-classify a woman from “sick” to sane rather

I’m not going to go into Sexual Disorders, but in general, too strong of an
appetite is a “disorder” and lack of appetite is a “disorder.” Also, if a man is
having trouble with erections, the Code is 302.72 and if a woman isn’t having
orgasms, the Code is 302.73…Isn’t that romantic? “Darling, are you having a
Code 302? I’m certain that there’s a pill for that!”

Last, but not least, researchers at the American Psychiatric Association’s last
convention presented a major study previewing a new “hidden epidemic,”
called “Compulsive Shopping Disorder.”(Yes, Girls, this is true!) The
discovery was showcased on the “Good Morning, America Show” and is
reported to affect as many as 20 million Americans with 90% of them being
woman. The very “scientific” research that was done to discover this “hidden
epidemic” was funded by none other than the drug company that already has
the drug developed to cure or relieve this serious “disorder.” And as soon as
it’s listed in the DSM as an officially “billable” disorder, it will be coming to an
HMO near you.

So, what really happened that has re-defined and re-classified “life as a
disease,” is the unholy marriage of Psychiatry with Big Pharma to generate
Big Bucks by creating “disorders” and then developing the “cures” to remedy
them. It has been the best P.R. coup of the century since no scientific tests
exist to substantiate any of these disorders. Medical disorders have valid,
scientific tests to confirm their existence, such as blood tests, Sonograms, X-
rays, MRI’s, etc., but no such biological tests exist for mental
disorders…They are pretty much arrived at through the group agreement of
the “Mental Experts,” just voted on and promoted about.

What can be done about this crazy turn of events, from a nutritional
viewpoint, would be to first fortify your body. A healthy body keeps the mind
sharp, alert, focused and contributes to YOU being uptone and happy. This
means eating real food that fuels the body…primarily fresh organic produce
and clean proteins free of antibiotics and hormones. Get tested for any major
food allergies and the presence of heavy metals, toxins and chemicals, as
well as viruses, parasites, fungus & bacteria.

By the way, while you’re eliminating the bad food from your diet, you might
just want to try an experiment by eliminating the “bad news” as well.  It’s a
“depressing” experience for me if I start or end my day by watching, listening
or reading the News…It’s 90% Bad News and intended to make us believe
that everything is awful. There are wonderful things happening every day in
the world, but the media doesn’t find those things to be newsworthy. For two
weeks, try eliminating “The News” from your life and notice the difference in
how you feel. You can replace it with your favorite music or a really funny
movie Or you could just flaunt your disorder and…..Go Shopping!!!

Judith Cutler has been a nutritionist in the L.A. area for 20 years and a
natural products developer. She is the founder of BioTech Solutions

(818) 249-4122

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