Critique of Picasso and his Works

This is not my usual area to write about. I don't like people who think they
know best. The know-best usually are overly busy making less of others! But I
thought of Picasso the other day and here we go.

Picasso and his works are mysteries to most people.

Don't get me wrong. “Everyone” has agreed he and his works are great.

Except I'm not sure I do.  But before you quit reading, give me a chance to
explain. After wards you can brand me illiterate and uncultured.

His works certainly draw attention but any mystery does that!


Art is basically communication. If it doesn't communicate, it isn't art.

Therefore Picasso's work is art to many, many people.


Picasso's work doesn't agree with reality. Each I've viewed is a tortured
abstract of unhappiness. Of course that is me speaking from my uneducated
opinion of the art world.

But I am educated in the observation of life and his abstracts do not match.

What does His Work Communicate?

Picasso saw reality differently than the rest of the culture. Not having the
same reality could classify him as insane. If a modern head shrink got a hold
on him, he'd have been drugged to death. Being insane doesn't enhance
one's ability to produce art. Being sane does!

Insanity interfers with all activities. Don't believe the lies the psych's tell to
drum up excuses to drug people!

So perhaps what he painted was his view of reality.

Or perhaps he was merely experimenting with colors and forms and laughing
inside at the people who thought he was producing art!

How can we ever know? I believe it was the former. Painting tortured pictures
could only have been rewarding to someone not fully sane. It is also true that
very few people would qualify as being 100% sane.

Art Critics

Art critics are all failed artists. What they say about Picasso is more
disconnected from reality than he was.

Critics of any form of art are generally failed artists and do all they can to pull
the active artists down! I don't believe there is ever any honest well intended
criticism. See my related article:
Who Has the Right to Insult You? Certainly
not an art critic!

By the way, I'm not a critic or an "expert" but merely making my point. Feel free
to think whatever you like about this great man!


Artists are among the most valuable people on Earth! They are far more
valuable that scientists or politicians. Though there are scientist and
politicians that have worth but they are far and few between.

I saw an image of one of his paintings (I'm not “cultured” enough to have seen
a real “Picasso”) and it reminded me of my poem “

Discombobulated is a fun poem. My character isn't tortured. The concept of
the poem seems divorced from reality but not as far as you might think.

That brings me to our tortured society.

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