Constructive Criticism?    

Criticism carries a negative connotation or meaning. Criticism is a statement

Criticism comes from Greek able to discern; meaning a person who offers
some judgment, value, interpretation etc.

Today, most paid critics are failed professionals in their field. When they can't
do, they criticize.

How about the person that ask you, "Do you mind a little constructive
criticism?" As a "friend," they are about to rip into you, your work, pride, ability
and anything else they can find to damage!

Honestly, you can't use constructive and criticism together as they are
opposite words.

People that criticize you are not your friends. I don't care if he or she is your
“best friend”... look at what they do! Related article.
Warmth of a Smile.

Critics In the Arts

When you create something, what others think of it is not important. What
you think of your creation is important.

Your work may need improving. But this should be up to you to observe and

Let me tell you something that you probably haven't thought of. Even if you
are “copying” a master, your work is unique. It is an original creation!

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Never let anyone put you down for your creation or duplication of any
material! Critics love to make nothing out of anyone and everything

If you want to change or learn, seek people that will help you grow, not make
less of your incredible ability. You do have ability!

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I've never met anyone that did not have huge amounts of ability. Some lack a
willingness to use or display their abilities but that can change with a mere

I can probably help you there if you like.

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“I'm only Telling You This for YOUR OWN GOOD!”

Have you ever heard that one? Looking back do you think they were trying to
help you do better in life?

The first thing wrong with critics helping you "for your own good" is they do
not know what "good" is.

How about "You know I'd never say anything to hurt you!" Or "You are just
being too sensitive!"

There are many underhanded, covert, methods of using words to try to cover
their real intention.

Can you recall a teacher or friend that did help you with something? Did they
know what they were talking about? I bet they did!

Did they make you feel stupid at the same time they were "helping" you?

Help should not be loaded with toxic comments or half spoken insults.

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Your Real Friends

My wife was telling me about what I call a serpent. This person works in her
office and is someone destructively covert.

I asked why they employee destructive people! She said she is documenting
it so termination can happen through proper channels. Related poem

I do not have friends or family around me that make me uncomfortable at all. I
chose my friends based on who helps me survive both mentally and

Once my wife and I cut all communication with her Aunt. The Aunt, now
deceased, was a known trouble maker. The Aunt lied to various family
members about other family. She got discovered big time.

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Fortunately the rest of my family are tremendous people. My friends are also.

I suggest you lose all the downers. The 'downers' will pull you down all the
way to death if you give them enough time.

So choose who you communicate with or hang around with.

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Warmth of a Smile.

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