Covert Hostility, Examples of

Covert-hidden, not in the open, concealed, disguised. Hostility-
antagonism, a hostile condition, ill will, unfriendliness like an enemy.

This is a supplement example for the article “
Who Has The Right to

Serpents on Twitter

I ran into a man on Twitter that was so covertly hostile that I missed it.
Here is the verbatim exchange:

One follower, a very nice lady, said
“About to become a US citizen in
a few minutes... @Poet_Carl_Watts Wish me luck!”

This fellow sees the post and says “Well good luck. I'm not sure I
would like to be one with that dictatorship state and Fema camp.Bon

She's proud and he's insulting the country she is proud of becoming a
Citizen of.

I replied
“Not2deny there R problems, potential one too, but I can't
think of any place I'd rather live.”

His response “Hope you don't mind if I don't join. Prefer Italy or

I replied (can't locate Tweet) to the effect “There are many beautiful
lands with wonderful people”

He replied “Been living in Santa Barbara and Los Angeles. Too much
superficiality. Not much people with real thinking.”

Personally, I believe he lied. Really there is no doubt in my mind. She
lives in Santa Barbara and I live in Los Angeles. He insulted our cities
as being “Too much superficiality.”

I replied (can't locate Tweet) to the effect
“There is spectrum of
people in any area, you just have to find the higher toned people”

I should have figured this out faster.

He replied
“Well after Shaima murder, US is definitely the place not
to stay.”

Today, 3/25/12, he brings up:

“US is definitely the place not to stay” and includes a very unpleasant
fact to punch up his insult. He did this after she gets Citizenship and I
tell him
“I can't think of  any place I'd rather live.”

Please see article  “Who Has The Right to INSULT You?” here
to read!

See a poem that is related to this:

Unhappy Man

I reviewed the Tweets he posted and he is not a happy man. All his
tweets involved killings, war and upsets. If you want to become
worried and depressed let a person like this pull you down.

A Wolf in Sheep's Clothing

I recently recalled another encounter with a man many years ago. His
first name was John.

I was the manager of a very productive office. The office was
producing income higher and higher every month under my guidance.

The owner hired an "old friend" to help out.

This man proceeded to befriend me. He took me to lunch and was
always pleasant and smiling.

I failed to observed the obvious and trusted him. This was mostly
because my boss/partner trusted and spoke highly of him.

It was long before the truth came out.

This man, John, was talking very badly to the boss about how I wasn't
doing right. My boss listened despite the fact we were super
productive doing highest ever production month after month.

What made me think of this man was that he did an evaluation after
production dropped one month. I was found to be the cause of the
decrease in production.

What he failed to include in his evaluation was, during that month, we
had the LA riots. People could not even come to work. The whole city
was disrupted.

The results is I lost my interest in the business and was terminated. I
did take this into arbitration and got compensated for the business.

My point is that the office was doing super well and the boss and I
were getting along absolutely great.

When John came on line, things changed. I didn't spot it until it was
too late.

If you ever find yourself in a situation where everything is going great
and it takes a sharp turn down, look to see WHO came into the area
as he or she is likely the problem!

Let me know if there's a subject you need to know more about, a question you'd
like expanded on or anything you'd like to see me write an article about. Happy to
do so as I'm always looking for new ideas. Contact me via this site by going

GodFather Advice"
"Listen and Guide, Someone to."

©2012  by Carl Watts/ 03/25/12 edited 111912 092614
Added second example 042815

Some Questions to make you think:

Do you know cliques (groups) where all involved are covertly hostile?
Would someone who invalidated my imagination be my friend?
Why do cheerful people often upset angry or covert people?
Do you often invalidate/make less of yourself, who else did that?
If you're environment is angry or covert, how can you stay above that?
Is invalidation the cancellation of thought/emotion/effort?
Who do you know that covertly attacks you with words for  your own good?
How can you out create invalidations?
When someone invalidates your illusions, dreams, should you recreate?
How could a person be invalidated without words?
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