The Police

Too many times I have observed, first hand, the police not serving justice. Excessive force! Arbitrary
fines only for revenue reasons! Traffic stops for revenue purposes only are oppressive (my opinion).

The Necessity of Police

I wrote a detailed article on how to help the police and the nation...

I completely support the police when they operate as peace officers and when they assist the survival
of the general population.

When they bend the rules, outright lie, use excessive violent force, I'm totally against them.

I do believe most peace officers are good and mean well. But when one is bad, it spreads and makes
all look bad.

The police, attorneys, court officials should be given the benefit of doubt until proven bad (guilty).

The Vast Majority of People are NOT criminals

To the police, prosecutors, Judges: the majority of the people are not criminals. True, some break the
rules, make bad choices... None of us are perfect. We all have transgressed...

Don't be so intent on PUNISHING the offenders. The sane ones regret their mistakes. Punishment
doesn't make them better.

The insane ones are driven more insane with punishment.

The immediate practical solution I see today is to have the criminal work to exchange for their misdeeds
and let them go!

I'm not talking about a chain-gang or forced labor. Let the convict go out daily on work release or better,
parole, and earn money to compensate the state. Don't put the compensation at an impossibly high
amount as that would ensure failure.

The state should accept compensation and just let it go!

Unless the inmate is insane.

Anyone Who Kills, Assaults, Rapes, Robs etc is Insane at the Moment of the

When they deny and continue to deny all responsibility, express no genuine  regret or remorse,
removing them from society is the only solution.

How Long Should a Guilty Persons be in Jail?

As I noted above, punishment drives the insane more insane. Long prison term do not rehabilitate

When my children were little at times they would become anti-family. I would remove them from the
family by giving them a
time out. (Being put in prison or jail is an adult "time out" and is oppressively

As soon as they got themselves under control, they were done with the time out and could rejoin us.

I did not assign arbitrary periods of time based on the severity of the upset.

Once the time out was done, the matter was forgotten. I would let it go as the child already had done!

There is a very successful program being used is some prisons that often rehabilitates even the worst

It is a program called
Criminon. Click to view their website.

Many will become rehabilitated on the Criminon program and should be then allowed back into society
to become productive citizens.

Putting a person in prison for extended periods of time is not survival for anyone. It creates a burden on
the families, society and all of humanity.

I've heard that more money is spent on prisons than on higher education!

“There is no person alive who cannot make a new beginning.”--L. Ron Hubbard


Justice is possible when all factors are accurately evaluated. Justice is only needed as long as an
individual is unable to restrain himself from harming other.

We need to revise the laws that came from ancient times to increase the survival of all.

After Thought

Many criminals commit crimes because of drug usage.

Criminon helps criminals beat their addiction. This would be for inmates.

With lesser criminals, there is a program called
Narconon. They are affiliated
organizations. I personally have first hand knowledge about their successes.

It would probably be cheaper to put an inmate through the Narconon program than to put in jail or
prison and the results would be much better.

Just some food for thoughts. People are not innately bad. Drugs, violence, prisons and other forms of
duress make them insane, bad.

Let me know if there's a subject you need to know more about, a question you'd like expanded on or anything you'd
like to see me write an article about. Happy to do so as I'm always looking for new ideas. Contact me via this site by

GodFather Advice"
"Listen and Guide, Someone to."

©2016 Carl Watts 042516
Courts, Police and Justice?

I just finished serving on Jury Duty.

There are several points I wish to make.

“Judged by a Jury of Your Peers” is a legal concept which, as it's employed
today, is flawed.

How many criminals vote? How many criminals give up today addresses to
the Department of Motor Vehicles?  While I do not have actual figures, I
suspect most real criminals do neither!

Hence to have a jury of your peers, the system would need to have non-
voters who do not follow the system of reporting their every move to big

No! The court selects the conformists who vote and dut
ifully report their
location to big brother. (Though I suspect they know where I am regardless
of my reporting via voter registration and DMV.) I have a cell phone and pay
my bills. Oh do criminals pay their bills? Again I do not know. I do know that a
lot of people defraud creditors all the time and many are premeditated!

So the system should select non-voters who don't conform, don't vote and
commit potential fraudulent actions. Those are the peers of the criminal.


How many upstanding people go around robbing and shooting people? None
or very few. Criminals do not observe laws, can not predict consequences
and do commit crimes.

The majority of people owning guns do observe laws, vote and report current
addresses to big brother.

Guns do not kill.

People kill with guns, cars, knives or bare hands. You can not say guns
cause deaths. Cars don't kill unless driven poorly... Bombs never kill unless
employed by murders!

What Would Justice be if Truly Employed?

Justice would be the unbiased examination of the fact of a situation and
determining if the harm outweighed the good of the action.

In the current “justice” system, the law dictates what is right and wrong. It is
blind to survival of the individual, the family, groups and mankind. It is all
based on the past not NOW.

An example would be a criminal suing the home owner for an injury

sustained while breaking and entering!

True Justice is an Indication of a Sane Population.

The justice system employed today relies on past decisions.

While the past does provide information, today is not yesterday of 400 years
ago. To only do what was done in another time is only a reaction not an
analytical evaluation of the current circumstances and facts.

Living in the past, only using the past to act today, is not sane.

Jury Selection.

I have observed over the last 4 days, the prosecuting attorney and defense
attorney each exclude jurors they thought would damage their cases.

While the Judge seemed to seem a fair and unbiased, the attorneys seemed
only to seek the best advantage for their side.

Under the “LAW”...

The defense will try to get the accused man off. The prosecutor will try to
convict the arrested person.

Regardless of actual guilt, the defense will try to acquit and the prosecutor
will try to convict. This is not a survival viewpoint for the individual nor

A guilty person should be convicted and the innocent freed based on those
two facts only: guilty or innocent.

The presumption of innocent before being proven guilty must be preserved.

That is what the trail is supposed to do, determine guilt or innocence.

The defense should not resort to any means to get a guilty person off. The
prosecutor should not use any means to convict an innocent person for any
fancied reason.
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