Cosmic Chess

Long ago in a sector not far away
Demetrius and Darma want to play
They each chose a solar system, their choices were clear
They moved the stars until the solar rings were very near

The game was not fair, was not right
One of the stars was not really bright
One solar system had planets with nice air
The other had planets that were completely bare

But Demetrius and Darma didn’t really mind
Chess pieces, they crafted, their art was fine
Once the pieces were in place the planetary surface
They looked over the stellar chess board, a lot of space.

The game started with swiftness and skill
Gigantic knights moved in closer for a kill
The Queen hid behind the pawns on the moon.
No luck for her, the castle was coming soon.

Both kings fell to their doom
Seem there wasn’t enough room
Pawns flew through outer space
None completed the race

In seconds, it was victory
Demetrius smiled at me.
Darma old boy, you’ve got Karma
Next time, for a real challenge, I’ll send my Mama.

I smiled back at him very bright
I know his Mama, She’s alright
I asked Do you want to play again.
Demetrius said bring it on friend!

The game still goes on even now
The playing field is smaller somehow.
The pieces are smaller, the games isn’t as fast and light.
But once in a while, we still step into space and play it right!

If you want to play with me
You’ll have to leave that body
Step out into space
And join my race!

Lightness and space
Not the human race
Lots of light
Very Bright

Games and fun
Life just begun!
Life with no end
Immortal my friend.

The end.

©2009 Carl Watts
Page created 1/12/09, modified 1/22/09
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