Communication Handles All

Jane versus Sam:

A very close friend of mine, call her Jane, was being very worried
about the fact she had a new boss, Sam. Her job certainty was out
the bottom. You know how people get when they “think” they could
lose their job and that job is important to them?

She was fluctuating between grief and fear or

First I pointed out that her description of her boss sounded a lot like
her former boss, Peg, who was unpredictable and sometimes very

Peg was a “good friend” who used this friendship to control Jane.
Peg eventually turned on Jane and Jane correctly resigned. Peg
could not be trusted.

In looking at the situation, she compared Sam, her current boss, with
Peg, her former boss. She could see they were not the same person,
that they were different.

Once she realized Sam was not Peg this helped a lot with the


The next thing I pointed out was she didn’t know Sam at all. She
needed to get into communication with him. She needed to find out
what he needed and wanted from her.

Well, after a bit of coaching and urging, this happened.

Sam is not like Peg at all. Jane is getting along excellent with Sam
and is no longer worried about her job.

Are you Worried?

If you have situations you’re worried about, there is a very good
chance I can coach you through handling it.

I don’t charge for helping.

You can feel free to donate to my site as it does cost money to keep
it up and to keep my communication line open to assist others.

Have a great day!

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