Communication Handles All Problems  

Frank versus Renter

My friend, Frank, rents some units. Frank is a salesman and is
normally in excellent communication with people.

But he had a renter that always wanted to talk about unimportant
things and this annoyed Frank. So Frank tended to avoid the renter.

The renter, of course, could tell he was being avoided. This was
leading to a potential upset.


I point out to Frank that the renter wanted to communicate but didn’t
have any reality on Frank so talked about whatever came to mind.

Frank had no reality on the renter because he didn’t know what to talk
about either.

Cause Point

I asked Frank if he could chose the subject matter
and be cause over
the conversation
? He could.

This helped Frank see he didn’t have to listen endlessly to
unimportant things.

An Acknowledgement

I asked Frank if he could simply end the communication when he
wanted to? He realized he could
by using a simple acknowledgement.

So I suggested to Frank that he should find out what was important to
the Renter and let the Renter know what he thought was important.

He did and that problem is now gone!


This was a simple application of communication.

If you have situations you’re worried about or uncomfortable with,
there is a very good chance I can coach you through handling it.

I don’t charge for helping.

You can feel free to donate to my site as it does cost money to keep it
up and to keep my communication line open to assist others.

Have a great day!

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