Who’s friendly and always happy to see you?
Who’s always ready to go with you even if you’re blue?
He never made mean comments about your cooking.
She always thinks and acts like you’re truly good looking.

It’s been a know fact, they will always be there.
If you do something stupid, they don’t even stare.
Neglect them or forget them, they seem to say, no harm.
Just your attention, they demand, maybe lying across your arm.

When you’re feeling blue, they’ll sit very close, right next to you.
When humans aren’t about, these friends are right there, true blue!
They are warm and sometimes they even smell.
They are happy to help and will always fetch the mail.

Enough can not be said
About the images in your head
Reach out to your friends beside your bed
And scratch them on their furry head.

Coal is a warm young pup.
Snow likes to drink from your coffee cup.
I don’t know how your came up with they’re names.
Except for being black and white, they are the same.

Take good care of them, Snow and Coal
Love them; they’ll stay with you as they grow old.
Flow them love and admiration
They’ll create you a new generation.

Water your plants by the door.
Smile at your neighbour.
Hug your spouse.
He’s not such a louse.

Let the pups through
They love him too.
So don’t be blue
They’re all thinking of you.

©2009 Carl Watts www.carlwattsartist.com
Coal and Snow
Page created 1/5/09, modified 1/22/09
I was given these
pictures as a
challenge. I
named the white
dog Snow, the
black dog, Coal.
No other data
supplied. I like the
images I created
for the pups! Carl
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