Child's Imagination

The sun isn’t coming in the window, rain outside.
Probably going to get wet, I get dressed fast.
My socks are different colors, the shoes the same
My shirt covered with dirt, inside out, who can tell?
I always wake up hungry, food to feed the growing body.
Got to go! Go outside, take my bike for a ride, Go!

I stood in the rain, looking for water on the bushes
A worm moving across the sidewalk, looked lost
A chilling breeze blowing against wet skin, not noticed
Mom calling to come inside, I heard her not.
Life outside was so interesting, the spider web's wet
Where do the spiders go? Can they watch TV?
No one seems to know. Why do I have to go to bed?
I have to know! Everything! I must go and go….

Mom comes outside. I’m pulled inside, she says “wet”
“Change your clothes”. I wonder why, I’m dry.
You’ll catch your death of cold. Heard that, I’m still alive.
“Lunch time,” Ah! A happy time of the day. Time to eat, I say!
My stomach is pushing out. My pillow calls to my head
Mom is pushing me to lie down. She says go to bed, nap.

Naps are fine. I can’t wait to wake up, back to play.
Naps make mom happy. Naps start of the rest of the day.
Really pouring down rain outside, from my window I watch.
Mom says stay in. Another day, I’ll go outside and play.
For now I’ll dream. Seems like there’s monsters in the clouds.

I look closely and there's Ralph. Ralph, the storm dragon
Whenever it rains and I have to stay, Ralph I find, and we play.
Sometime he stays in my room, under the bed, don’t look
Storm Dragons scare easily, I might have to run away.
Well it's time for bed sleepy head. Tomorrow is another day.

©2009 Carl Watts
Page created 1/25/09 modified 6/8/09
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