“C” Space

Introduction for the parents:

Hopefully you have kept up with Darma and his adventures. If not, feel free to access them in part on my website at Stories by Carl.

Information about the title:

“C” is the traditional letter used to represent the speed of light in formulas such as E=MC². (By the way, this simply means that the energy in a mass is
equal to the mass times the speed of light squared. This means an incredibly huge amount of energy in any solid object on an atomic level!”

“C” could also stand for Children. Children, with their imagination, can have “C” Space if they want to! Most of them have a vivid imagination and this
should be fostered and encouraged. Because this is the stuff dreams are made from and this is where the future comes from…Imagination! And our
children are the future! Let us hope they have a broad imagination to help solve the problems in the future!

"C" could stand for Created Space. “C” could also stand for Carl’s Space. There is some truth in this story. The children will probably see it. Will the
wiser, perhaps more serious, adult see it?

Write me and let me know what you thing “C” stands for.


“C” Space

Day 1

Hi I’m Darma. I am now 8 years old. My birthday was last week and I am so happy and proud to finally be EIGHT YEARS OLD!

But it’s been a couple months since I went to the caves* and down into the deep hole.* It has been raining a lots and either I
couldn’t go or Johnny and Sam couldn’t go. Johnny and Sam are my best friends!

I had to start back to school on Monday and there would be little time to do much adventuring without getting into trouble and
being yelled at. I really didn’t like being yelled at.

“So what could I do that was fun and exciting?”  I’d been thinking about this for three days since its been raining and I’ve not
been able to go out and play with Johnny and Sam.

George, my little brother, and my two little sisters were really beginning to bother me they were constantly complaining and
getting upset. I tried to stay out of it but it is hard when my little sisters threw things at me and cry when I threw them back!
Then I get into trouble, every time! It really isn’t fair!

I wished mom would watch them sometimes instead of telling me “You’re the oldest! You shouldn’t throw things at the

Those babies were mean sometimes and always getting me and George in trouble!

Anyway, back to the problem. “What could I do in the house with it raining outside?”

Some people had televisions! They were lucky.

But most of the kids with televisions were kind of chicken to do things and kind of fat and lazy. While I wanted a television to
watch, I didn’t want to become a fat lazy chicken. Then I’d never have any good adventures!

“What could I do? If there was only a way to do things without having to go outside. Like if I could sort of bring things to me!
Yea that would be the thing to do!”

So I thought “How could that be possible?”

Well, I’d had the adventure with the magical chain and the crawdad.* I knew things could happen that adults would never
believe and there must be magic! If there wasn’t magic, how could you explain a flying dragon, a princess, and a 10 foot tall
crawdad that got a way!

I never told the adults about my adventures because they wouldn’t believe me and if they did, I’d get in trouble and be
grounded for the rest of my life!

So “How could it be possible for me to bring things to me?”

I fell asleep wondering about this. While I was sleeping, it came to me that all I needed to do was to step sideways through a
hole in space. But even in my dreams, I wondered “What’s a hole in space?”

Day 2

I woke up and was still thinking “What’s a hole in space?”

Today was Saturday and Monday school started back up. That meant,
early to bed and having to get up every day and having
to go to school
. It was not fun to even think about that!

I went and ate breakfast. Mom was cheerful this morning and fixed us all pancakes! I liked pancakes. Mom would just keep
cooking them until I thought I would burst!

Then I’d have to go lay down because my stomach usually didn’t feel good. Today was no different, I needed to lie down.

While I lay there, it came to me. “A hole is space is just a hole in space! It could be anywhere!”

Now I just needed to find one.

After all what was space? It was just what I looked through to see things! If I closed my eyes, there was no space. So that
means that space was what I created when I looked around! It was so simple!

So if I was creating space by looking, then why couldn’t I put a hole in it anywhere I wanted to!

I got really excited. I was so excited; I forgot my stomach and sat up in bed. I figured the hole in space should be over by the
end of the bed near the wall. I didn’t want just anyone to fall through it and maybe get lost.

So first, I just looked around my room. I was glad my little brother, George, was playing with our sisters in their room. This left
me to do my work, putting a hole in space.

So I closed my eyes and imagined a piece of space with four corners. This made it a sheet of space! I could see it with my
eyes closed and it was still there when I opened them!

I imagined the sheet had a hole in it. And so it did! This was really exciting!

I could actually see it over by the end of the bed. It was like a window or like the reflection off a pool of water! It was very thin. If
you looked at the edge of it, it would disappear! It was thinner than a piece of cellophane paper!

So this was magic! I got up and walked over to the sheet of space! It was a bit scary. I’d never heard of a sheet of space!

I decided this could be a great adventure! So I put my hand through the hole in the sheet and it disappeared!

This really scared me so I jerked my hand back fast and the sheet disappeared! My hand was okay but my heart was about to
jump out the window without me attached. I felt I should lie back down before something blew up or broke or something bad

I lay down and closed my eyes. I could sort of see the sheet of space but it kept fading and disappearing.

After a few minutes, I found myself waking up. I had fallen asleep.

I wondered “Was the sheet of space a dream? Was the hole in the sheet just a dream?”

I closed my eyes and I could again see the sheet and the hole was there. I opened my eyes and looked towards the end of the
bed and there it was!

So it wasn’t a dream or maybe I was still asleep. I pinched my self. It hurt so I guessed I was awake.

The real test would be going into see what George and my sisters were doing.

I got up and went into the living room. No one there.

I went into the girl’s room and found all three of them, George and my two little sisters, asleep.

So I still wasn’t sure. I went to the kitchen and out onto the back porch. Whew! There was mom! She was putting clothes into
the washer!

“Hi Mom. What’s for lunch?”

Mom looked at me with her funny expression. “Darma, it wasn’t hardly an hour ago that you ate over a dozen pancakes! What
do you do with all that food? Are your legs hollow?”

Well listening to mom, I knew I was awake. No dream could sound like mom. She was always talking about how much I ate. I
was almost always hungry!

Just then, I noticed outside that the sun had come out and it wasn’t raining.

“Mom! Can I go outside and play with Johnny and Sam?”

“Sure, if you take George with you!”

Of course I was going to take George. He was one of my best friends even if he was little.

So George and I went out to play with Johnny and Sam.

We came home for a quick lunch and went back out. By the time it started to get dark, we were soaking wet from playing in the
puddles and ready to eat and go to bed.

Mom came in and tucked us into bed.

I wanted to play with the sheet of space some more but as soon as I thought about it, I fell asleep.

To be continued. Email me if you'd like to see the next day's adventures.

*Caves see Childhood Misadventure 3 “The Tunnel
*Down into the Deep Hold see Childhood Misadventure 4 “
Down into The Deep Hole
Magical Chain see Childhood Misadventure 1 “
The Chain
The Crawdad see Childhood Misadventure 2 “
The Crawdad

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