Now and then, that’s anytime in the past or present, and here and there, that's any place and the control of these factors makes certainty.

It all started a very, very long time ago, far beyond what is known as recorded time. It’s really so far back that much of it is still hidden
from me. I was a totally free being. Free in the respect that I only had barriers of my own choice! I had only targets I knew I could hit. I
was powerful beyond belief. Powerful more so than any of the popular beliefs show the gods to be.

But things happened, little things and big things and I made pictures of all these things. In creating these pictures, to maintain them, I
had to keep attention on each one. And being very powerful and clever, I have been taking a type of motion picture with more than 50
different perceptions at a rate of 25 per second or so.

Now I started this many trillions of years ago. So you can see I have a large number of very complete pictures which I am today
maintaining. They are valuable to me for some reason. As you might think, this would be a lot of work, but for one as powerful as me or
you, it's nothing.  I am still stronger than most even doing all this work.

It is really getting to be a problem. I have set up a machine to take pictures and it works so well and has used and is using so much of
my power in maintaining it, I don’t have enough left to easily see any one picture at will.

The problem is I can’t get at the picture of how I set this thing up so that I can take it apart.

Don’t feel sorry for me. We all, each and every one of us, way back when, started up these machines. It started as a game.

But at least I know my machine exists and I am working to dismantle it. To this degree, I am cause over it. Others think they are just a
body and are merrily burying themselves.

Very recently, while taking pieces off the machine, I recognized that I was maintaining the mechanism and that a part of me was still
separate from the mechanism.

When I realized this, I knew that nothing had changed in the last many hundreds of trillions of years. These years only existed in my

Can you see your machine? The mechanism that is driving you further down each 1/25 of a second under the weight of a new picture.
Or are your perceptions, buried too deep to see?

Part of this is fiction and part of this is truth. Can you tell which is which?

The End.

Stories by Carl
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