Catastrophe and New Hope

On Earth, after the rise of China in 2020, the western cultures, the United Americas and the European Bloc were in deep
financial trouble.

The troubles had begun with the corrupt politicians manipulating loans, international currency and finances while
suppressing scientific development. The rich got richer and the poor got poorer.

Communism, which could not take over either area when they were organized enough to try, was now flourishing under
the guise of Democracy. Everyone was heavily taxed and the government controlled just about everything.

Gasoline prices which had once been pushed up by manipulation and greed were soon forced even higher due to
shortages. These shortages were not manipulated. They were created by war.

In 2021, the countries of the Middle East tried to exterminate each other once and for all by detonating atomic bombs in
Israel, Iran, Egypt, Syria, and Iraq.

They did a pretty good job and wiped out their cultures almost entirely. All of the cities were gone and most of the land
was barren with no one alive healthy enough to work the land.

Only a few oil rigs remained functioning. The crews kept becoming ill from the radiation but the pay was high and there
was a huge demand for oil.

All of the money that had been accumulated in the Middle East seemed to have vanished along with the leaders, the
banks and the military. The farm and farmers were gone. The Middle East was of little value and of no threat to anyone.

So life in the United Americas was not what it used to be. America wasn’t the land of opportunity it once was.

The American Constitution was abandoned when America merged with Canada and Mexico. Now a new “constitution”
was in effect which pretty much guaranteed a suppressive government. The individuals had few real rights and the
government had almost total freedom.

Before the merger, it was promised that travel restrictions between the countries would vanish. Instead the borders
vanished but travel became more restricted even from state to state. Check points were frequent within all areas of the
Americas. This was necessary for Motherland Security to protect us from our enemies.

The idea of protecting us from terrorists had lost its meaning. The Middle East was gone and the rest of the world had so
many problems of its own, no one seemed to have the power and resources to go around and trouble a huge land and its
people. But the war against terrorists seemed only to be a war against the citizens of the motherland.

All that was clearly observed as the government had a tight grip on the peoples of the Americas.

The European Bloc and China had never been known for human rights and restrictions were even worse there.

In California, one of the few areas that still prospered there was a small group of citizens that were unhappy but organized.

They were financially wealthy and had a tremendous wealth of data between them.

One member of the group solved the problem of gravity.

This is where the story starts.

Carlos Androdious

Carlos Androdious came from a Hispanic and Greek background. His father had been a wealthy shipping entrepreneur.
His mother had been a young, beautiful waitress. The rest is history.

Carlos had studied physics in college and found the teachers to be convinced that they knew it all and all problems were
done the way they said. They were the authorities.

But when Carlos looked around he saw many mysteries.  Like, “was a radio signal a wave or a particle?” There was not a
clear answer.

How did electricity travel in a wire? How does a magnet stick to metal and continue sticking? Was the speed of light the
ultimate speed and how did man know this with only the planet surface to conduct tests on?

So Carlos started experimenting. His early experiments were done in his mind.

Carlos tells his story:

I wanted to know what matter was, what energy was? So I asked “Professor Compaq, what is matter and what is energy?”

He looked at me like I was stupid and said “Matter is a bunch of energy put together.”

He had given the text book answer which I knew but I still had to be polite. “Thank you Professor. Can you elaborate on
what energy is?”

He looked like this was beneath him to be questioned like this. He explained “Energy is the ability to do work or power. It
is lightening, electricity, heat and so on.”

“Why do you ask such obviously simple questions?”

His answers didn’t answer my question. I tried to explain. “Professor, your answers are true and match what I have
studied but don’t explain to me what energy really is, and how is it put together to form matter.”

The Professor looked at me impatiently. “I don’t know why you are questioning this. Energy is what you get in a battery
that is used to light a bulb so you can see. It’s the electrons energizing the filament to produce light. Is that clearer?”

I told him "thank you for your help" and went away, still puzzled.

I had studied and knew that there were electrons, protons, neutrons which formed atoms and so on. After four years of
physics in college and two years of graduate work, I felt ignorant of the physical universe.

But what was an electron? There had been experiments to split these particles. They were still trying to find the smallest
particle. They had given names to so many more particles that no one could see, that it was impossible to keep up with all
the names. Nicely named particles, but none of the experiments explained what energy was.

So I decided to do a little thinking about it myself. I knew about imagination and figured that if I didn’t tell others what I was
doing, I would not get locked up for being crazy.

I decided to set up tests in my own universe to determine what matter and energy was.  I used imagination to conduct my
tests. Using a microscope and meters were only relying on mechanical devices to tell you what others thought you were
seeing and measuring. I didn’t know how anyone really knew what a microscope saw or what the meter measured. I
figured they were imagining. I figured my imagination was as good as that.

The Early Experimentation

I started that evening. I had a light meal and laid down to relax. I cleared my mind of the thoughts of the day.

I imagined a point with nothing around it anywhere as if there were no space. Nothing. That alone was interesting.

Then I put three more points up and had a square. I held the first four points and repeated this again. Now I had 8 points, a

In all of the space I was imagining there was nothing but this cube. The cube could have been any size as there was
nothing to compare it to. I decided it was big enough to be inside of and conduct experiments. It was quiet inside the

There was no light but it wasn’t dark either. It just was a cube.

So I decided to look at the cube from inside it. Yes, it was a cube.

Next, I put a new point in the cube and moved it. I decided that the motion of this point was energy. Best definition of
energy I'd ever heard of! Motion is energy. I created a series of points and put them into a circle and set them into motion.
It was definitely motion and definitely energy. The points didn’t really exist nor did I create them with any mass; just
locations in motion.

I took two groups of points and particles, and started them from either side of my cube and ran them together. They
formed a frozen group of points in the middle. This was a ridge of energy. I ran other particles into it and they either were
absorbed or bounced.

This was very interesting. It was like throwing two buckets of water towards each other. They strike, and for an instant,
they seem to hang there.

At fast enough speeds the water striking water would probably produce an area of motion that would be solid and fixed in
place and drop to the floor not as water but as another form of matter.

I concluded matter was an accumulation of energy in the forms of ridges; energy trapped into a no motion or fixed motion

My research took months but my understanding grew and grew.

To shorten the story, in the physical universe, everything is in motion. Light, electricity and gravity are all motion. So a
standing wave would absorb or reflect energy and therefore gravity. History showed that gravity effects light, electricity
creates magnetism, it’s all motion and motion can alter motion.

I discovered that a simple set of coils arranged just so, would create a ridge strong enough to block gravity.

Shortly after this, I met Miguel Coleman, a local investor. I discussed my discovery and he wanted to develop it.

However, the current atmosphere was such that anything gravity control would be scooped up by Motherland Security
either as a national secret to prevent its use against the Americas or to use it against other political groups. Any edge
would and could shift the balance and put the Americas back into a dominant position in global economy and politics.

So Miguel and I decided to develop it in secret.

We purchased a small ranch in Nevada. That was one state that you could go into without a security check. Apparently
gambling had too many political connections to allow any restrictions into that state!

The ranch had a lake on it so we started building a submersible vehicle. Cars had been around for some time that could
go under water. We decided to make a bus that would do that. This bus was designed to go under water and to rise out
of the atmosphere into space and be capable of supporting life.

It wasn't difficult as there was the technology sitting on the shelves of every electronics store, for boats and for aircraft.

To avoid suspicion we bought small amounts of materials from different locations.

Miguel and I soon had several like minded adventurous people staying at the ranch. We had security and some technical
people who all thought this was a great adventure. They moved their families to the ranch.

All were sworn to secrecy as we knew from World War II, that “loose lips, sinks ships” meaning that if anybody talked we’d
probably all be rounded up as terrorists and forced to work for the government behind bars to develop our ideas into
military applications.  

The Flight

Shortly working on the project, we had a successful test flight. We lifted the bus a few feet and parked it.

I knew if we were going to do much more than this, we would have to figure out a way to avoid detection from the many
radars else we’d be shot down before we got far!

Neither would be good for our future.

So I took the same principle of the standing wave and tried forming a shield for radar. It was far simpler than I thought it
would be.

We painted the bus a flat black paint with metallic particles so the surface could be charged. We replace the glass with
bullet proof glass with fine wires running through them. We waited until midnight and did a test fight.

Miguel, his fiancé, my wife Marie and I boarded the bus. The doors close with a hiss and locked into place. With all the
bullet proof glass and other changes we had made, the bus was air tight and solid. The motor and drive mechanisms had
been replaced with the field generators, life support and other things for space.

The excitement was very heavy. We all knew we might not survive this even though the craft had proved extremely stable
close to the ground. And underwater, it worked better than any submarine I had heard of except it was pretty blunt in the
front and rear.

At exactly 12:00 midnight, we started to lift. The radar screens I had installed were quite until we were about 500 feet up.
At that time, I started detecting distant air craft.

A little higher and the instruments showed we were being hit by radar but the shield worked well. Almost 100% was
absorbed and used to strengthen the fields. It was set to match those frequencies the most and was able to vary
according to the type radar impulses striking the fields.

We climbed and kept going up. As we got higher, the speed increased. I backed off on the antigravity field and we

There were numerous radars now hitting the fields and all being absorbed as if they had just kept going into infinity.

Miguel and Hilda wanted to return back to the ranch. They were done with the excitement for the night. Marie was excited
and wanted to continue.

The International Orbiting Space Station: Abandoned

I made a deal with them. We would go to the abandoned international Orbiting Station and then return home.

No one had left Earth’s atmosphere since the Middle East had blown itself up six year earlier. Everyone was scared that
anything going up could be mistaken for an attack. So this was used as an excuse to abandon research into space flight.

I calculated the position of the Orbiting Station and altered the fields to take us there. The acceleration was immediate
and extremely fast. I quickly reversed the fields and stopped. It’s a bit similar to driving a boat in the water. You don’t have
breaks, nothing to slow you down quickly. But here there was gravity
, as there was in every part of the universe and it
could be used to accelerate or decelerate.

So after a few cautious moves, I really got the hang of maneuvering in space. It was a lot more precise than in the
atmosphere where you at least had the air to slow you.

We arrived at the station. It was much bigger than I had expected. Actually it must be many thousands of square feet of  
interior space.

The size of this thing had never been shown in the news. From the news, it had always looked smaller than the bus was.
So the size was hidden from the people as you could move hundreds maybe even thousands of people into the station.
We wondered about this?

We returned home. It was quarter to two. The whole journey at taken less than two hours.

We were all elated.

Miguel and Hilda went off to sleep and Marie and I did the same.

Needless to say we were too excited to sleep. So Marie and I lay close to each other and talked. This trip had changed
the future.

We decided to sell the home in Los Angeles and move permanently to the ranch.

As we were going off to sleep, I thought about the worsening world situation and how dangerous it was. Even here in the
Americas, the best place on Earth to live, it was starting to look like World War II Germany.

We knew the family wouldn’t like us moving to Nevada. We also were going to invite them to come and live with us. The
location was much safer than in Los Angeles. Also, we had security here, lots of security!

I’m sad to say when we let them know about our decision no one would move out to the ranch with us. Life was too easy
at home. And Grandpa was a bit crazy and shouldn’t be listened too with much seriousness. It was just another crazy
scheme of some sort. Apparently they didn’t have much of an opinion of me but that’s okay, I still love them all and will
look out for them no matter what they say or think!

I wanted to be able to help them if the military situation on Earth got much worse. It had already been proven that killing
millions of people was not something the politicians would hesitate to do. They didn’t seem to learn from the Middle East
where every known leader that was involved in the short nuclear war had died from it!

Time passed and we made numerous flights to the station. We had to produce suits so we could go into space to board
the space station. On our second exploration of the station, we found a landing bay bigger by far than the bus. So we
soon only wore the suits for safety.

We checked the supplies and found that the station was well stocked. It was fully capable of supporting life in its orbiting
position for a very long time. I made note to bring up plants and learn to grow food on board the ship. With the nuclear
power, it should be easy.

We also discovered it had been fitted with a space drive designed to accelerate slowly and used nuclear power.
Apparently this was designed to be a space ship rather than just an orbiting station.

Miguel, the technicians and I all worked as rapidly as possible to fit the station with Gravity control and radar shields. This
task was completed September 1st, 2027. You could walk around inside the station with the same gravity as on Earth!

I decided it was time to bring my family out for a visit to the ranch.

The Families

Miguel and I left the women at the ranch.

While we were busy working, the tension in the big cities was getting worse and worse. There were riots in many cities
due to gasoline rationing even at the huge price of $23.00 per gallon.

The political view of buying oil from the Middle East instead of developing alternate fuels had backfired on the Americas!

There were some food shortages as the truckers couldn’t get diesel and when they could find it, often they couldn’t afford
it. The whole supply and demand system in the Americas was crumbling. Thought a bright spot was the trains and buses
were running again in full force. Most Americans couldn’t afford other means of moving things about! But this wasn’t

Unemployment was at record highs. Businesses couldn’t afford to hire with the price of shipping goods. More and more
people were on the streets.

In Los Angeles, in the nineties, it was proven that American police would stop a riot. Now in 2027, it was proven again
that they wouldn’t and in fact couldn’t.

There were two riots going in Los Angeles, on in the Compton Area and another in East LA. The police and even
motherland security only watched. The skies were filled with smoke.

Miguel and I decided it was time to drive the bus to Los Angeles, well at least drive it part of the way. By now we knew we
could fly it almost anywhere and only needed to watch out for visible detection.

So we flew into to the outer area of Los Angeles and picked a street with no vehicles and landed. From that point on, we
drove at the speed limit to Glendale to gather up the families.  The bus could seat 60.

We had called ahead and sold the idea of a vacation, swimming and no smoke in the air to everyone. We’d invited 40
and figured we have a few more show up. They did. When we arrived in Glendale, there were 48 people, husbands,
wives, children and a few couples not married. It would be fun.

The Breaking Point

We headed out of town and the tension was very high. Everywhere there were police vehicles. Motherland security had
armored vehicles moving about and there were military aircraft seen overhear amongst the sparse commercial flights.

The news painted an even worse situation in China and Europe. Even though neither group had ever consumed the
amounts oil the Americas had, neither had the current production or the reserves and without Middle Eastern oil, they
were suffering much more heavily than the Americas.

The European Bloc nations were moving its military towards the Chinese boarders through the lands that were formerly
the USSR.

The Chinese responded by moving much hardware and troops towards the same boarders.

India and Pakistan were always shooting at each other and anybody else near and they were in a frenzy of motion.

It looked very dark for those areas of the world. The Americas were watching and worrying.

South America, Africa and Australia were all mobilizing.

The only happy areas were the drug companies and the news media. They were both making win fall profits as people
were taking the drugs to make the world brighter, they hoped, while the new media made it darker. A nice vicious
dwindling spiral for mankind was in motion. Organized crime didn’t have anything on big Pharma. Big Pharma was much
better organized and apparently the pharmaceutical companies owned organized crime. Big Pharma was feeding the
illegal drugs through the criminals out into the population! Of course the flow of "legal" drugs were pumping at ever higher
rates through the AMA.

As we approached the Nevada boarder, we were boarded and searched by motherland security. This was entirely new
but with all the children and luggage, we were passed rather rapidly. Even these heavily armed enforcers were mostly
husbands and fathers!


As we approached the ranch, there was a news flash! Pakistan had not waited to see who was going to shoot who. They
had launched missile at Europe, China and India.

These nations detecting the launches couldn’t afford to see who else might shoot who and launched it missiles at each
other, and the Americas, and South America and Africa.

Only Australia was spared as they didn’t have nuclear weapons. It was interesting that several missiles struck the Middle
East. The news services made a big deal about that! It was pointed out that the blast would re-melted the green glass
where those cities had been.

We all knew it would only be minutes before the missiles started hitting the Americas. Even though we were not close to a
major city, there were hidden missiles all around and there was no guarantee that we were far enough from them to
survive the blast and very doubtful we could all survive the radiation that would rain down on us for months.

Even Australia was in danger as the winds of the world spread killing radioactive dust every where on the planet.

Miguel called ahead and had everyone at the ranch gather up supplies and personal items.

We were headed for the Space Station.

We picked up the security guards and the technicians and their families. We also had an emergency trailer that was as
big as the bus loaded with additional supplies and electronics. We had 60 passengers. I told the families over intercom to
watch and listen.

I slowly lifted the bus about 10 feet into the air. I had their attentions.

I told them that this had not been fully planned out as no one knew war would break out before we even arrived to the
ranch. I explained I had wanted to do a barbecue and have the children swim. Watch the mothers put on sun screen on the
children and have a great time.

Still there was silence and I told them we were leaving Earth. Would anyone like to get off? No one was interested as
everyone knew the world was going down in a flash followed by a whimper.

So I accelerated as much as I dared with the trailer and still being in the atmosphere.

I shielded the bus body and windows with standing wave shields to prevent any damage for flashes and hoped we’d be
able to clear any shock waves.

We are almost clear of the atmosphere when the first missile we saw struck Las Vegas. Never had Vegas been such a
bright spot in the night and sadly, it would never be that bright again.

Most of the family had seen the blast and second later the bus thrown about from the shock wave. But it was mild.

There was almost total silence. Even the children seemed to feel the shock of their world being destroyed.

As we continued to rise, more blasts were seen in so many places near and far on the horizons in all directions, we
couldn’t count them all.

The new services rapidly became silent one after the other. The military frequencies were still active but only about 100th
of what it had been a half hour ago. In some cases the military were protected and survived the blast. Surviving the
remaining weeks would be the test of the protective designs.

Even if they did survive the fallout, what would be left?

We arrived at the space station and the family was in awe. They were shocked as much by this as they had been about
the destruction.

Only this was a shock of elation. They were safe! Their children were safe.

Miguel, Hilda, Marie and I went into immediate action, we needed to get everyone assigned sleeping space and told
where the all important rest rooms were. Water was passed out and crackers for the children. The Tech and Security
crews helped us get them to bed.

I told everyone to go to sleep and tomorrow we would get organized. I turned the lights down through out the ship.

A few of the adults came out to the bridge. They wouldn’t wait until tomorrow to see what the plan was.

The elation of safety had worn off and the shock of the loss of their possessions and friends was hitting them. Some of the
women were in tears.

I told them that there was nothing left of Los Angeles or anything near there. This was easy to verify. I pulled up the camera
video of the last half hour and searched for Los Angeles. In silence, it was found and instead of a well lighted city, there
was a dull red glow in several spots.

I told my family and the crew. We have a choice. Go down and try to help or go look for a new life.

Personally I didn’t want to return to the planet and lose what we had. There, we would die treating the radiation poisoning
and trying to feed those left alive. Earth did not hold a future for the children.

The suppression created by the Governments of Earth was ended.

I was sure man would survive on Earth. Man is very tough and personally, I believe he’s done this to himself over and over
in the past billion years.

Out here we had a new future and hopefully could find a world that the children could grow up on. We can take that old
copy of the American constitutions and put it into effect with only a couple changes to accommodate new knowledge.
Create a place where sane men could flourish and prosper free from suppressive drugs, crime, war and insanity.

On one other thing, I had found the exact reason for insanity, war, crime and violence in man. I got it from a book that was
changing the world but had gotten started too late to change its future.

Tomorrow would be another day for me, my wife and family.

To be continued....

By Carl Watts
copyright © 2008

To help prevent this:

I want to see Earth survive. I started #AwesomeTeam with the plan written up in New Civilization.

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