Caring For Someone: Relationships

This isn't what you think it's about.

Caring for someone, a relationship, most often applies to men and women, to families and friends.

This article is about creating a relationship with mankind. What about the men and women across the street you may have
never met?

They seem to be nice or perhaps, they seem not to be nice. How do you know without establishing some communication
with them?

In the Past

Back in the 50s and 60s, the media had the Russians portrayed as two headed evil baby eaters probably from another

You can see on going efforts by our media/government to demonize other people and their countries.

It took me a while to realize they are people just like my family and friends.

Their government, I am afraid, was also just like ours, pretty much insane and out to conquer the rest of the world. And
they didn't care who got hurt in the process.

If anything, our government is worse than ever!

But personally, I believe the Russian people are still the same. Men, women, children, all living together, working, trying to
create a life, a future.

Living in Los Angeles

I've lived in LA for over 30 years. I have been had a chance to meet people from all around the world. There are so many
different races, so many ethnic and cultural backgrounds here, it is amazing.

I went to Little Toyko recently. I had a wonderful time. I eat in Mexican restaurants frequently. There are some really nice
people at the tire store from the Middle East. The painter I use is from Sweden. I have Israeli and Iranian friends. Korean
food, Thai food, I drive a Toyota.

NONE of these groups or individuals are hostile, out to destroy the world or me. I'm sure there are a few nuts out there or
else we would not have federal governments wouldn't have excses for waring on other populations! (Though in updating
this, I believe they manufacture excuses, instigate internal fighting etc) Related article
Conflicts on Earth.

The Goodness of Man

But for the most part man lives in pretty good harmony with other men! It is because of the few nuts that we have to have
police and military.

I'd like to point out that no one I know wants any of the wars we have going on. None of us are profiting.

It's the international Bankers who control the industrial military complex, the oil companies, etc who profit from wars. They
profit from both sides in any conflict. Follow the money!

But that isn't the focus of this article. It is the focus of my article
Conflicts on Earth.


The focus of this article is that I would like to recommend that you establish communication with
people around the world as well as across the street. Use some good communication and establish
friendships. Establish relationships. Care for your fellow man and woman across the globe!

I have done this with people all around the world using Twitter as my primary tool. I promote others so that they can gain
followers faster. I promote the artist, music, the good things as I see it. This is my efforts to pull mankind up!

I don't know how many countries I have followers in but I know there are many. I think I'll ask and see how many are willing
to volunteer the information.

Every time I communicate with someone in another land, I increase the friendship between the USA and that nation.
Hopefully, I can do this faster than the idiots in Washington can upset them.

To my friends around the world, please know that America is not it's government. At the moment, due to the stupidity of
too many trusting Americans, we have a president and congress that do not represent the people. Your people, and you
for certain, are a kind people with many beautiful qualities. Of that I am certain! You personally are exceptional and far
above average! See my article
Twitter People are FAR Above Average!

GodFather Advice
Listen and Guide, Someone to

©2009-12  by Carl Watts/  09/17/09 Edited 4/23/12, 6/3/12
Articles, information by @Poet_Carl_Watts  #KnowledgeIsPower! #AwesomeTeam
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