Cancer Industry Killed my Wife

I read a Dr. Mercola article that pushed me into writing this.

His article: “
Two Words You Should Never Utter to Your Doctor” tells about
how pharma, fda, American Cancer Society, National Cancer institute and
child services systems force chemotherapy on a child.

The “therapy” directly kill the child. The above mentioned agencies caused
murder by drugs of a child.

You may want to read how evil bigpharma and it's agencies are! They work
together for the continued profits cancer creates regardless of damage and

Now on with my very personal story.

LaVonne, my wife, now deceased since April 2007, and I were together for
33 years and raised five excellent brilliant children.

Our last trip together was to Las Vegas. LaVonne loved the slot machines. I
loved going with her. This was July 2006.

She was supposed to go to Las Vegas with her sister that November but was
too ill to go. I don't recall exact dates but by the first of 2007, we were visiting
the hospital routinely.

Finally, they decided she had lymphoma. I wanted to try alternative
treatments but my entire family was against doing anything except what the
doctors said. My sister-in-law was the worse. She is a pill popping person,  
the whole family on my wife's side were and are pill popping people. They
are dying at a rapid rate.

To clarify, I failed to present my views clearly to my family. I wanted to at
least supplement standard medicine with some nutrition.

Additionally, LaVonne put off standard treatment for some time perhaps until
it was too late for anything to work. She was overweight, not physically
active, smoked and drank diet sodas.

A bit of humor amongst this sad tale: What is the difference between a  
Doctor and God? God doesn't think he is a doctor!

Don't get me wrong, most doctors are trying to do the very best they can to
help people with the training they've been given. If anything, blame the
universities and pharma who trained them!

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How the Events Happened

I know more now but even in 2011, ye
t my own sister would not listen to me.
She had insurance. So she had two surgeries and radiation treatments for
“pre-cancer” found in her breast.

I'm afraid of what they will find later as a results of the extensive radiation. It
was intense enough to burn the skin off under her arm.

As an update, 09/28/13, my sister has started to follow my coaching. She's
losing weight and getting healthier. There good hope!

Radiation causes cancer!

So the medical community has set my sister up for more cancer in the future.

They wanted to do a chemotherapy which I was dead against. I don't believe
they did but my sister may be taking something and not telling me because
she knows how strongly I feel about it.

BigPharma/cancer industry has done an excellent job of lying to the public.
The cancer industry is a huge fraud scam being ran on people for profits.
They have NO Cures!

Very pertinent to this is:
Safe, Gentle and Highly Effective Cancer
Treatments Already Exist!

Back to LaVonne, my Children's Mother.

Early 2007, they started treating her with radiation. It made her sick.

Of course it made her sick! Radiation is a powerful oxidizing force. That is
how it kills people by oxidizing and damaging various glands, organs and
even the blood and bones.

Just like your windshield wiper after enough sun falls apart, so does the
human body with radiation!

I watched her skin develop wrinkles all over her. It still makes me want to cry!

By February, she was very sick. It was in and out of the hospital.

Medicos started chemotherapy.

The first dose of chemotherapy damaged her heart!

From that point on it was a fast uncontrolled down hill ride to death.

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Her kidneys failed.

Of course that was right where they were shooting her with radiation. Let me
make that more specific the radiation was aimed directly at the area of the
kidneys. Do you think there could be a connection?

Dialysis started.

My unconscious wife was dying and did.

It was 5:30 am. I was sleeping but knew she had died. I went to the hospital.

I went to her body in intensive care. My wife was not there only her body.

I went to the waiting room to talk with my wife. There was no one there in the
waiting room so it was easier
for me to talk with my wife.

Our Discussion

The discussion basically was “honey you have to fix the body or drop it. I told
her she would have to stop the heart as they had her breathing with

In less than 30 second the attending physician, came to me. “Mr. Watts, I
need to know what to do. Your wife's heart has become erratic. If it stops,
should we resuscitate?”

My immediate response was not spoken. Silently I told my wife that I couldn't
make that decision without talking to the children.

Remember, my wife was not in her body. Only machines were keeping it

The Children Arrived.

It was decided not to resuscitate.

I wanted to remove the machines right then and said so.

Some quack freak doctor, with
only interest in keeping the super expensive
machines going
, talked the kids into leaving the body hooked up.

But eventually the children agreed to disconnect the dead body from the

Do I believe this is the truth? I'll guarantee you, if we were talking face to
face, I can totally convince you this story is 100% true because it is.

The End

Her ashes were spread on the beach in Malibu, CA on Mother's Day 2007. It
was a place she loved.

She was there with us but no longer as my wife. I still know where she is now
these years later but that is not data for this article.

To summarize.

The radiation and chemotherapy kill her body. Perhaps the cancer would
have at some point but perhaps not.

If you have cancer or know someone who does, your doctor is going to
recommend cutting, burning or poisoning, probably all three “therapies,” to
kill the cancer.

Do your own research. Read Dr. Mercola's
article. Read AlignLife article.
There are safer solutions that will not leave you a medical wreck almost
certainly doomed for a re-bout with some form of cancer which will kill you.
Read my articles on the medical/phama fields
by clicking here!

Here's a supporting article:
New Discovery Shakes the Foundation of
Cancer Research to read!

Safe, Gentle and Highly Effective Cancer Treatments Already Exist!!

©2011  by Carl Watts/ 9/19/11, 10/15/11, 1226/11, 091112 050813 092813 120214
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