Is the economy as bad as it is being reported?


The reports are concerned with ledger figures. Losses and gains for sure but figures only.

If you look the assets, they are still there. Production by the people, for the most part, is still

But by criminal out-exchange, the boys are writing down numbers on the ledgers and are
shifting the ownership and control of assets away from those that created it into their criminal

Yes the "economy" is bad, cleverly and intentionally made bad.

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And not only do assets change hands, emotions get upset and creates a perfect market, in
those who listen and don't look, for selling the never ending supply of big pharma's latest
addictive killing drugs.

Life is not bad but some crazy people, the real insane, are profiting form a lot of suffering they
masterminded and are pushing as fast as they can.

The "stimulus package" is a dramatization of the above. Print money, put the people being
harmed into debt, give it to the criminals, put in "free medical," lock out workable natural
remedies, sell more and more drugs.

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If we let this hand full of evil people, they are going to kill our civilization. I personally don't
intend to go down.

There is hope. Most people are working hard to keep us going. Don't give up. Keep producing.
There are only a couple handful of really insane people screwing up our world.

By the way, I wrote a poem that deals with this to some degree. It talks about you and the
greatness of you. Please see "

Have a great day.

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