Burnt Out? Nervous Breakdown?    092913

I've heard that type phrase as far back as I can remember.

Why do energetic creative young people get burnt out or suffer nervous

They Don't Get Burnt Out!

But so many say they are? It would seem that someone or several people
have convinced them that they are working too hard, too long.

When I see artists creating, there is no such thing as too long or too hard.

But their “friends” and family, only looking out for them (really?), try to slow
them down. They work at this until they succeed!

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I really don't know if the human body has finite limits.

How long can it go? How hard can it push? I sincerely doubt anyone truly

I can honestly say, I've never pushed my body to its limits.

But I'm sure some medico or psych has a theory designed to tie people down
with drugs!

Human Spirit

I can tell you with high certainty that the human spirit, you, have no limits.
(Disregard that, you're not supposed to know that!)

Burnt out or nervous breakdown is simply you becoming the effect of others.
They are less able than you.

Look at those that seek to slow you down. Look at those that tell you to rest,
take a vacation, get away from it all!

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Why would you want to get away from what you love doing?

When I opened my first business, I worked for five years, seven days a week
without a vacation. Six of the seven day were 12+hours. Sunday, I left

usually at five o'clock.

I never tired of doing what I was enjoying!

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If you're feeling burnt out or on the brink of breaking down, lose the people
dragging you down.

All you have to do is look. You will see who they are if you do look. Maybe it
is your mom, your girlfriend/boyfriend, etc, but in terms of your survival, they
are not acting as friends.

So you must decide. Do you handle them and tell them to knock off the crap,
gently. Or do you just cease communicating with them/cut all ties with them?

I told my family to knock it off. Others were handled on an individual basis.
Many are gone. Some I kept :-)


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