A Bum, That Could be YOU?

When I read the title of this I completely disagreed!

Let me describe “a bum” so you know what I'm talking about.

I'm not talking about an unfair deal, a bum deal. Though anyone who is a bum
will tell you how unfair life has been. He will tell you how other people put him
into the position he's in. He'll tell you that he's gotten a bum deal in life.

I'm not talking about a vagrant or a tramp. Again either of these could become
real bums. Not having a place to stay might happen to many people

I'm talking about the lazy, shiftless person who expects others to support him.

Usually that doesn't work well so they slip down into the gutter and become
real bums living under a bridge and probably stealing form people.

They are dirty beyond a lack of water. Animals manage to keep themselves
cleaner than many of these bums.

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The Progression to being a Bum

To get a bad deal in life should not be an excuse to become a vagrant or to
expect others to support you.  

Bad deals happen.

Being lazy and shiftless, expecting others to support you, is a denial of
personal responsibility.

It takes more than a bum deal to create a real lazy shiftless bum.


Drugs create this type viewpoint. Drugs, especially when abused, can drive a
person into being less than human. Death is a common result.

By the way, any drug use, except of extreme medical emergency, is drug
abuse. Doctor's abuse their patients by prescribing drugs that will not cure or
heal. All drugs have side effects and damage bodies.

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The drugs may numb a pain but it will never heal or fix the source of the pain.

Both street drugs and prescribed drugs destroy ambition, self respect, pride
and all favorable human attributes.

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My Disagreement with The Title

I do not think that anyone reading this will ever become a bum.

You are far too responsible to let things go so far down. You have friends and
family you care about.

You don't abuse drugs. You may take some that were prescribed by a
possibly well intended medical doctor but those don't usually push you down
into a degraded situation.

A word of caution, #psych drugs can make a sane person insane fast. All the
shooters, in the well publicized shooting, were on #psych drugs.

I can not make medical recommendation of any type. Get fully informed. You
may find your doctor is not fully informed about the dangers of #psych drugs.

It is my opinion that most bums today are victims of #psych drugs.

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I'm sure some people are sympathetic towards the poor beings. You should
ask yourself what did they do to cause themselves to become bums? Holding
anyone else responsible just excuses the situation. They are responsible.

If you feel like giving them money, go ahead. I don't and will not. I did buy one
a burger once. But I would not give him money.

You Are Above Average

I wrote an article on that.
Twitter People Are Far Above Average!

So basically, that bum could not, would not be you!
You have importance! You
are right
! You are beautiful. (Each of those are separate articles written just
for you!)

If you're depressed, read my article

If you need more help, contact me. I may chose to invest some time and help

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