If you watch the man on the street, in the main, he won’t look at you.
He’s afraid; doesn’t matter if it’s a man or woman.
Try it if you haven’t already.

If you noticed an attractive lady,
some may rigidly walk straight ahead
scared they are being noticed
despite the fact that they dressed to attract attention.

Another lady noticed, looks from side to side trying to see who’s looking
but not confident enough to turn and look.

Still another lady notices and turns in defiance
tracking possible targets for her return attention!

Continuing on, another lady notices and slightly smiles,
not interested nor caring.
She just keeps on walking swinging as she goes,
knowing she’s being noticed.

But there is hope.
Sometimes, rarely, you have to pick who to notice,
the lady, a real woman, will feel the admiration and turn and smile.

Those are the best days. Those are the days of brightness.

To help this along, for the betterment of others,
look only fleetingly if it makes them uncomfortable or upset.
Look again and stop and continue.
The game may draw them out.

Though often times, your wife will elbow you
before you can help these poor people,
scared, angry and defiant.

But the ladies that aren’t scared are often fun to admire.
They realize you aren’t a dangerous stalker
and enjoy the complement that you bestow them by your admiration.

So help the brightness of the day.
Admire the ladies and make their day.

And ladies, men are but large little boys
hopefully never to grow up to seriousness.
Nothing will brighten them up better,
like a glance from one as beautiful as you.
You can make their day!

I’m not talking about how old or polished you are;
how young or dressed.
The beauty is in you. It is that beauty, you,
that makes your admiration valuable
be you a woman or a man.

And men and ladies,
while looking at the opposed sex isn’t what I’m promoting,
there are many men I know worthy of admiration for what they do
and the effects they create.

And ladies, I’m sure you know another lady worthy of admiration,
perhaps a sister, mother
or that cheerful girl who serves you coffee.
A warm thank you does wonders!

Contribute admiration and respect for your fellow man
bring brightness to their day.
they are doing the best they can.

We can bring a brightness over the land!

©2008 by Carl Watts/

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