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Before writing this article, I thought of several questions suitable for my
Question of the Day page. In looking there for references on “body,” I found
over 100. I've included several, but not all, below the video. I hope you find
them thought provoking.

Earth, 21st Century

In this culture, upon examination, it is very easy to see the importance placed
on the human body.

All visible functions, in this society, are accomplished by human beings.

Before I take up the points I wish to cover, let us take a look at the definition
of “Human.”


Google defines "Human": a human being, especially a person as
distinguished from an animal or (science fiction) an alien.

That is accurate as far as it goes. I would like to comment that aliens
probably working for Google wrote the definition!

Aliens would not be human unless they were of the same species, homo
sapiens. Then regardless of where they came from, they'd still be human.

Let me add to Google's definition:  A human is a spiritual being using a homo
sapiens body.

Why Spiritual Beings Use Bodies.

There are many reasons and I will take up only a few below.

These reasons are: Control, Communication, Sensation, Aesthetics and
Havingness. I'll start with “havingness” as you will need a definition of that.


Havingness is what a being works for. Havingness is the prize for winning
the game. Havingness is the mass of a new vehicle or a well functioning

The reason many things are done is to produce something to have. You can
build it or purchase it or accomplish it. A trophy or rank gives one a sense of

Most humans, who are convinced they are their body, lose all their
havingness when the body dies. The loss of possession it self is a shocker!

Upon death, they lose their family, vehicle, friends, bank account, clothing,
favorite items...everything!

So to a Being, a body provides havingness and a means to play games and
have other things.


People generally need a body to communicate with.

Telepathy is an ability that is generally denied and invalidated.  Anyone with
any skill at all generally hides it to avoid the negative attention.

Everyone has telepathic skills to some degree.

However, bodies are needed at this time to provide reliable accurate

I chuckle about that. Have you ever played the “Telephone” or “Chinese
Whispers?” It would seem verbal communication isn't that reliable or

Part of communication is attention. Something that has no attention is not in
communication with anything. A beautiful woman or hansom man gets
attention and is thus easily in communication with others. Babies attract
attention and communicate well though most adults do not pay enough
attention to fully understand the child.

Attention is necessary in order to create an effect. If you don't have
someone's attention, you will create no effect and not communicate.

Hence, having an aesthetic body enhances the giving and receiving of

Tip: When your communication is important, put it in writing!


There have been reports of levitation and poltergeist.

Teleportation, at this point, must be considered fiction. Some day, maybe,
someone will accomplish it. It will not be done my a machine in my opinion.

Few people can mentally move objects. It's a very powerful Ghost that can
actually move anything. One reason ghost are ghost is they are too weak,
dazed, confused to even find a new body. It is extremely rare that a ghost
moves anything.

The Spirit, you, normally can not control any object without using your body.

Since we wish to do things, drive cars, get dressed, cook food, IE control the
physical universe, currently, we need a body to do those things.

This is not to say you can't be powerful enough to do any action without a
body, it just hasn't been observed lately.


Ah! The one of the things a body seems to really be good doing, feeling
things. Of course, sensations can be pleasant or unpleasant.

It could be the main reason a Being keeps a body around is for sex.

The truth is a Being can produce any sensation in vast quantities better than
any body can.

Pain is a sensation. Sensations are neither good nor bad except as the
Being considers it.

Most human Beings consider pain an undesirable sensation as it is a
warning signal for the body. Remember the
Being is not the body.


Many bodies are beautiful. I would almost say a body is as useful as it is

Once a body gets old, it does not receive the attention it used to get. As I
mentioned above attention is necessary for communication.

Older people sometimes seem to lose their beauty. With this loss of beauty
comes the loss of attention and the lessening of communication and the
lessening of life.

A person is as alive as he can communicate. Take the dead, for example,
they have very poor or no communication!

Having an aesthetic body creates pleasant effects. Few sane people want to
create negative effects and seek not to employ ugliness.

The point here is that a Being does better with an aesthetic body. It provides
the Being with a better quality havingness (of course that's my opinion:-).


As almost all Beings have gotten themselves into a state of such weakness,
they must have bodies to play the games of life.

As a Being, your potential is incredibly great and you could actually learn to
operate without a body.

You can have the entire physical universe and control matter, energy, space
and time. You can communicate and create great beauty.

You can create sensations. You could try this now, put any emotion into the
environment, the walls etc until you can feel them coming back to you. Keep
at it.

No one wants you to know you are a spiritual being trapped inside a homo
sapiens style body. No one wants you to know you can be free.

I wish you well.


Let me know if there's a subject you need to know more about, a question you'd like
expanded on or anything you'd like to see me write an article about. Happy to do so as
I'm always looking for new ideas. Contact me via this site by going

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"Listen and Guide, Someone to."

©2015 Carl Watts 071815.

Questions from Questions of the Day:

If you'd like any of these questions expanded upon, let me know. I may
already have an article or I will write one anytime :-)

Can you get sensation without a body?
Some people can move things not using their body, how is your strength as a spirit?
Can you perceive without using your body?
Most people are telepathic to some degree, how are your communication skill without your body?
Many bodies are very aesthetic, beautiful, are spirits aesthetic?
Almost all spirits are invisible, you can't see them, is that a reason to have a body?
I've often attempted to have some article come to me, has that every worked for you without your
body helping it move?
Sex is normally considered pleasurable, do spirits need bodies for this reason?
Are bodies a good solid form of havingness, mass for a spirit?
If you step away from your body, where will you be thinking?
Do the body’s perception over ride your perceptions as a Being?
What part of your body can you comfortably view?
Do you move your body or does your body move you?
Can you have your body get up and walk away while you stay in the chair?
Do you think that you feel like the body feels?
Do you let your body dictate your actions and your reactions?
If part of your body hurts, do you like it less, communicate with it less?
Is the part of your body you're not in communication with in pain?
Do humans confuse their body with themselves?
When someone is in love, is it the body that's it love or is the being?
Have you ever tried looking at the being, passed the physical body?
Do physical body eyes tend to agree with the physical universe?
Does a body in poor health condition cause the Being to be introverted?
The body is limited, what about the mind and the spirit?
Where is the best place to safe guard your body inside or outside of it?
If you're in a body how much forced can you generate?
If you step outside the body are you afraid you will not be able to protect it?
Today, if you step away from your body, is there a real danger of some other spirit stealing it?
What's the best position to control a body inside the head, in front of the face or behind the body
at some distance?
How far away from your body can you imagine that you are?
Are you in your body or is your body over you?
When the scientists study sleep, are they studying just the body or you?
Do you know how lack of sleep affects the body, how it affects you?
When your body is asleep, are you so much in agreement with it, that you think you're asleep
Has your body ever been unconscious, and you were still aware and able to function even if
Can your body be asleep and you be awake?
What is the difference between being awake and sleep, not your body, but you?
As a being, not your body, if you are away from your body, what is your best for perception
I know three good reasons to keep a body, it's a identification card, it communicates and do you
know the third?
Does the spirit ever leave the body and then come back?
If the spirit thinks the body's dead and takes off what happens if the body then wakes up?
How does one become cause over a body?
In addition to being a trap, is the human body more of a liability than an asset it?
Where are you located in relationship to your body, are you in your foot, ear, your head, the
back of your head?
What is the best distance away from the human body to control it?
How can you tell the difference between you and your body?
Does disagreeing with your body help you survive better?
When you are outside your body, how clear are your perceptions of the environment?
Does God have a body, why would he?
Can you explain how an Immortal Spirit manages to stay in a body?
When a body loses its aesthetic qualities and ceases to work well, why would any Immortal Being
hanging onto it?
How did you get your current body?
How long have you been trapped into the birth/death, body after body cycle?
Do you know the parts of man, mind, body, spirit?
At death, it is said the soul goes to heaven or hell, what about the mind, and you?
Is the body an effective trap for Beings, how to get out?
Do you think with your body how and why?
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