Are your days so blue?
Do you get up from your bed,
And sometimes just wish you were dead?
The dead are not a happy example of lives well led!
Are you totally stuck in your head?   
Are you missing the wide open blue?

Then just take a good look around you!
Look at the sky, see the bright blue hue
Look deeply into the blue, as far into it as you can view!
Think of the ocean, vast stretches of green and blue
Remember all the fun times you had there too.
Recall the loving person who stood close to you
Feel the warmth, the caring they felt, feel it right next to you!

Life is not all sad nor blue
Perhaps that is true!
Take a good look at the blue;
Blue pictures I have for you!   
See this sky! Put it right above you!
A sky that is awesomely blue
Behind a smoking chimney just off center view

See the four eyes that are blue,
Mitchell, he will soon be 32.
Dylan isn’t blue
He’ll bring laugher to you!
I hope this poem has
Lightened up your blue!

The Poet
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