Beyond Human True Tales

What's Inside?

Back in the early 1980's, I road the public bus to and from work for about
two years.

It was a financial savings to use public transportation. Plus it gave me time
to study as I rode to and from work.

The bus primarily was used by low income people. In Los Angeles, that
group where I live were in the great majority of Mexican decent. Many
seemed to speak no English and my Spanish is very lacking.

It is not easy to establish a great deal of liking on a very crowded bus with
people not speaking my language.

Many of these people didn't look happy and some appeared to be hostile,
angry or afraid.

emotions discouraged liking them very much.

I knew that each of these people were basically good. They were doing the
very best they could!

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What is Inside?

I decided to look past the rough exterior and touch the beings in the bus
with me.

So I did. It was a remarkable experience.

I find it difficult to express in words. I would say "love" for and from the
people on the bus but that word is misused most often.

I can say I felt a huge amount of affinity.

Affinity is a likingness, a willingness to share space with someone or
something. Like someone you love, say a new born baby, you will snuggle
your face with the baby's face. You both like each other, love each other,
and are willing to share close space with each other. Affinity!

Anger is a negative affinity. You don't want to snuggle with people that are
angry! At least I don't.

Emotional Release

There was an emotional release, like relief.

I can say I was much more comfortable with these good people riding with
me for the day.

To this day, I will occasionally look or reach inside someone to contact the
being directly. The body is such a total trap that many beings think they
are actually the body and don't know they, as beings, even exist.

By the way distance is not a barrier any more than the body is.

It's fun, give it a try.

That's the story and it's true.

Carl Watts

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