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Jalapeno Pepper Burns

I live in California and my diet has been influenced by my Mexican friends. I
joke and tell people I live in Northern Mexico, Los Angeles.

There's some truth in that but this is not about my neighbors. We get along

How It Started

Several months ago, I was preparing a few Jalapeno peppers for
consumption. I took my thumb and stripped out the seeds. I learned later to
keep the seeds :-)

The rest of the day into the evening my right hand burned.

It was gone the next day and I thought nothing further about this.

It Happened Again!

I was preparing more Jalapenos a few months after the first incident.

That day and evening my right hand burned again.

The next day when I woke up, my right hand was still burning.

Now the interesting thing was that my left hand was also now burning!

There was no reason for this! I had barely touched the peppers with my left


So I realized there was more to this than peppers! I realized this was a

I thought back. When did I have burns on my hands?

I remembered!

In the 70s, I worked in a restaurant and one day, I'd used bleach to clean

Being young, thinking bleach was not strong or dangerous or just not
thinking, I didn't wear gloves.

The result of lack of common sense, I had strong chlorine bleach on my
hands until I got chemical burns under my skin. This hurt!

The peppers and their ability to burn the skin, restimulated the bleach

burns. That was why BOTH hands now were burning!

Restimulation is not a thinking process, it is a reaction. Similar

circumstances in present time to a time in the past brings the past into
present time and the body is commanded by the past mental pictures. Both
hands were burning similar to the past!

How I Handled!

My hands were not thinking, they were reacting. In a way, my hands were
back in the 70s burning.

How could I bring my hands into present time and put the mental image
pictures of the past back into their correct time period?

I decided to do a bit of reaching and withdrawing from the bleach. (I'll explain
that shortly.)

Unfortunately, I didn't have any bleach. So I selected a plastic bottle that
looked sort of like a bleach bottle.

I called it bleach even though I knew it was not. I could expect an unthinking

I took my hands and reached for the “bleach” touching the plastic bottle, then
withdrawing from it.

I did this over and over for 15 minutes or so. I did it long enough both my
hands stopped burning.


Since I did the reach and withdraw from the bleach, I have handled
Jalapenos several times with no burning!

That's the story and it's true.

Carl Watts

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*Restimulation is to stimulate a past incident into present time with the power to command the
body and mind. (Carl's definition)

The mechanisms of restimulation and reacting are fully explained in the book "
Dianetics, The
Science of Mental Health" which is available in almost every language.
Dianetics here. Dianetics here.

Also, you can find at and at your public library.

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