Beyond Human True Tales

"Evil Perceived"

I was once walking down Hollywood Blvd, on my way back to
the Hollywood Guaranty Building, after cashing a check. I was
working on the renovations there, at the time. It was a busy
weekend, and the sidewalks were full of people. It was quite

After about a half a block, I began to feel that someone was
intently watching me from behind. I kept walking. People stare
sometimes, and it's nothing to be alarmed about.

Well, the beam of attention on the back of my head wasn't
diminishing over the distance I was walking, and actually
seemed to be intensifying. Somehow, I could tell that whoever
was watching me was in motion, as I was. They were following

After a couple of blocks, I had started to pick up actual
intentions from the person following me, and they weren't good.
This person was targeting me for harm of some sort. I could
only assume that they intended to rob me, since I had just left
the check cashing place.

I began to feel the intensity of the person's emotions cranking
up. I knew that they were reaching the point where they would
make their move. I knew that I would have to do something, or
this would get very ugly in seconds.

I stopped my forward motion, abruptly turned around - and
instantly spotted the guy. I raised my right hand and pointed
directly at him, and shouted something along the lines of

"Knock It Off!"

The guy immediately lost all confront, and went into a full-blown
panic. He shuddered to a halt, turned around, and broke into a
run going the opposite direction. The last I saw of him, he had
broken through the crowd, and was running across the street,
right through the moving traffic.

In the moment when I turned and confronted him, I saw the
depth of his intentions on full display. As a being, he saw that I
knew what he was up to, and it scared the bejeezus out of him.
This exchange between beings only lasted a split second, but in
that tiny sliver of time, he knew that I somehow knew his
thoughts, and it caved him in.

Ronnie Bell

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