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Death of a Cat from my Past

Around the 1987, my wife and I and three children were living in a comfortable
home in Los Angeles, CA.

My two older children had gotten married and moved out.

We had a cat. With no disrespect for the cat, I don't remember it's name.

Through the years we've had a never ending parade of cats. Great animals,
at least ours were great, usually.

We had a large attic area and it seemed we had a herd of rats in there. It
turned out to be just one!

Our cat was always after the buggers!

He caught the Rat!

Finally he caught this huge rat! He was very proud of himself! He was
strutting and boasting only as a victorious cat can do!

Normal Routine

This is shortly later:

My wife and I kept the bedroom door closed when we slept.

While I love my animals, I don't like their free-riding little friends!

So shortly after his big kill, I heard a strange sound outside my bedroom door.

It woke me up. I went out to find my cat struggling with its body.

It was having a stroke or heart attack or something. It was not pleasant.

I thought maybe he was choking so I stuck my finger into the lions mouth.

I started to do an assist to get the cat back into communication with his body
and possibly save the cat's life.

Then he was gone!

After a second, I got a crystal clear communication from the cat:

"It is okay, I'm done and moving on."

My upset vanished and I ceased my efforts to help him with his body.

My sense of loss also vanished as he was just moving on, not gone!

The cat
's body was dead.

I explained this to my wife.

He had accomplished his big goal in life. He caught that rat and he was done
being a cat or at least our cat.

I don't know where he went or anything else.

I told the children the next day. Everyone was fine with the story. It was the

We got another kitten and everyone lived happily ever after. (This last part is
still in progress :-)

Life goes on!

Since that happened we've had many different cats
and dogs.

I value each one and have tremendous affinity for it. But when they decide to
go, that's it.

I get a new one without a huge upset.

That's the story and it's true.

Carl Watts

PS: In re-reading this newly on 11/18/14, I wanted to relay that I had a similar event
happen. My cat of many years failed to come home in July this year. We hoped but I felt
he had moved on. I got the distinct impression he was how a little baby girl. Perhaps
he's not but I moved on.

In September, 2014, we got two feral kittens. They are adorable and love being with
us. Life goes on and I plan to get a puppy as soon as the kittens are very comfortable
here in their home!

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