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Cat Communication, "Jack" June 09

I have an incredible cat. His name is Jack.

In the last week of June, on a hot Sunday, my cat was laying on the
coffee table in the breeze of the fan. I sat down in his chair. My wife

was a few feet away and observed exactly what happened.

I spoke to Jack and he looked up. "Jack, I'm in your chair."

He listened to me, got up, came over to me and jumped in the chair
behind me.

He communicated very clearly to get out of his chair. I got his
communication and got up out of his chair.

Lots of things like that happen but this one was extremely clear. Jack
knew what I said and I knew what he communicated.

That's the story and it's true.

Carl Watts

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I also have a page of Cat-isms which are humorous and many are very
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Meet Jack. His picture is just below:
Page created 7/11/09
This is Jack, my cat :-)
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