Beyond Human

Handling an Ill Boy!

Early March 2013, my grandson Josh was sent home from school.

He's thrown up at school and felt sick.

I happened to be at their home chatting with his mom when he arrived home.

What to Eat?

Josh was hungry but leery of eating. He asked me, “Grandpa what can I eat?”

I responded “eat anything you want to, food has noting to do with you throwing up!”

Josh didn't understand this.

So I went on to explain by asking him questions!

Who was It?

Rather than give him a direct explanation, I simply demonstrated why I said what I said.

I asked him when did he start feeling ill? He told me so I had him recall all that had happened between then and now.  
We did this a couple times and nothing came up.

I had him mentally scan the weekend a couple time all the way to present time.

On the last scan, he spotted what had happened!

It was a Friend!

It turned out that that morning there had been a minor upset with a particular friend. This friend had a track record of
playing “jokes” on Joshua. Standard behavior:  how to make your friends look stupid, etc.

Josh noted that he has other friends that never play jokes on him.

Friend or Enemy

I pointed out to Josh that friends don't make you feel bad, that is the action of an enemy.

I asked him if he should reconsider his “friendship” with the boy.

A few days later...

Josh and his mom had a talk with the boy and his mom. The boy basically said he had been being a jerk and wouldn't do
it again. Josh's mom is convinced he is changed.

Josh is less confident and is withholding his opinion based on future actions of the boy.

The best part is Josh is now alert.


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