Beyond Force

Today You may fear the evil of man, worry about survival.
You may be concerned about yesterday, today and tomorrow.
You may be upset that others really aren’t handling it all,

that there’s no master plan.

From the news or movies,

You can imagine the feel of the rush,
the fury of military bombs.
You can imagine the feel of the acceleration

rocket being launched.
You can imagine the feel of the winds of a hurricane,

destructive to all in its path.
You may remember the feel

The feel
of the force of an earth quake.

You’ve seen the mighty water of the surf,

powerful enough to roll and crush.
You’ve seen the fierce and awesome fire

The Fire
of a lighting bolt, unbelievably explosive.
You can imagine the unstoppable power of a rogue star.

Now observe the vastness of space,

the magnitude of the sun.
Stare out across the open sea,

reflecting only light.

Go now! Flit far away, beyond space.
Take note how small

insignificant the sun is from there.
Put a galaxy into your pocket,

otice the faint warmth of the suns.
Sprinkle a little cheer on a child’s smiling face,

think of a flower.

Eons can pass.

Surf, winds and fires may fade as you watch.
Force created by you,

enjoyed by you,
allowed to expire by you.

Create new energies, new fires!
Reignite the suns or make new ones!
Add huge spaces, new depth to infinity!
Roll an ocean to create waves.
Gently blow to make winds.

Motion you create and space too.
Enjoy the aesthetic action of your creations.
The future you create!
You are Life  

Carl Watts ©2008


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