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Scars and How They May Effect Your Body


Let me give just a little history. My wife, Mary, and I both trained on Nutritional
Response Testing in November 2007. Mary went on to get much more
advanced training and practiced professionally in a chiropractor's office.


One day, I noticed a sore spot on my head, the right rear. I didn't think much
about it.

The next day, the spot was a lot bigger. Before I acted, it grew bigger than a
quarter in diameter and over a quarter inch in height. It felt like a pimple with
no head!

I Asked for Help

I told Mary she needed to check me out. This meant, to use Nutritional
Response Testing, to find out what was happening with my body.

Mary Used Nutritional Response Testing.

Mary did the standard actions of muscle testing each gland and organ to see
if any were stressed. As I recall there was no situation found.

Next she tested for scars.

What you don't know is that surface scars on the body can short out the
communication of the body. Other things can do this but that's another article.

In testing, she found that scar(s) were causing problems. In further testing, it
was narrowed down to one scar.

It was my small pox vaccination from the 50s! It was directly connected to the
swelling on my head.

The Solution

The was to handle scars is to use cold laser. This one of the handling for
scars. There are others.

After one treatment with a cold laser, within 48 hours, the bump on my head
was gone!

With bodies, any thing can cause any thing!

What Could Have Happened

I could have sought “medical help."

Let me tell you what I think would have happened:

First huge amounts of ex-rays or other electronic/electromagnetic testing
would have been ordered. All these test are toxic to bodies. Yes, radiation and
other electronic test are at the very least stressful to human bodies!

Then because there was nothing there, the test would have shown NOTHING!

Oh the excitement, profit in the air! Next order a biopsy to be done! Who
knows what that would have shown.

The medical bills would mount up without cessation.

An Example:

My sister under went two surgeries and radiation treatment for a “per-
cancerous” bump!

Very profitable! Did she have cancer? NO!

I will say after the abuse she suffered only a miracle will keep her from getting
cancer after the “treatments” she received!

My Policy

Avoid Medical Doctors unless I need stitches (really I mean majorly need) or I
need a bone reset! Neither of these situation have ever occurred since I know
what bigpharma/ama are all about! Profits before health!

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