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I studied to be a Health Coach under Dr Berg.! See my notes below the recipe!
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Sometimes the below is difficult to read, don't know why. It 1.5 cups of water. 1/2 cup tart Cherry Juice. The rest is usually

I've used the recipe for some time successfully. It helps provide nutrition to your body. Those that drink it routinely get
healthier and generally lose weight.

I always add an organic apple. Very often, I add watermelon, celery, cucumber, lemon, raw apple cider vinegar, chlorella,
spirulina, cinnamon, hot pepper, bee pollen, and or coconut oil. (If you can't get organic apples, don't buy them!

I try use all
organic ingredients where I can get them!

I have omitted the cherry juice. I have replaced  with coconut water or just filtered water :-) Very often I make a
calmag mix
and add that instead of plain water

In a few months, without trying to at all, I've lost 18-nope, now 25+ pounds, now 30+ pounds.  This is the lowest I've been
since I was in the Army in 1970 :-)

More important than my weight, I'm healthier and I was already healthy! I have lots of energy!

When I can I've walked about 30 minutes many days a week.

As a suggestion, I clean my organic kale very well, chop and freeze. I also get the greens with the beets and freeze them. I
often use some beet greens in addition or in place of kale.

I do not remove the stems. I have a Vitamixer that liquefies all :-)

Chlorella and spirulina provide protein and may help the body eliminate toxins. The organic apple also helps eliminate

If you'd like more information on how to get healthier, just ask. I have a huge number of references on my site and I know
trusted sources for more!

Contact me by clicking here!
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