Let me give two definitions of “beingness.”

First would be the identity I or you assume.

For example, part of my beingness is my name, “Carl Watts.” I am also
“@Poet_Carl_Watts.” My family call me “dad, daddy or grandpa.” Those are
all my beingnesses. Also, I am a “writer” and a “poet.”

Beingness is also the amount of space I occupy. If I occupy a space, I can
potentially create effects in that area.

In looking at my
Questions of the Day page, I found 30 mentions of being or
beingness that I thought fit this article. I've included these below the video

Concept of Size

Many people do not think they have size and only think they are an object,
their body.

Some people are only their body in terms of space. I know people that are
also the space of their automobile.

Some people are their offices or stores.

They, as beings, are larger than their body and their beingness is bigger than

Your beingness is limited only by your idea of how big you think you are.


Here is a test, the last time you drove, how many cars did you look ahead?
Did you mainly focus on the car immediately in front of you? Or did you view
many vehicles ahead and several behind while viewing both sides?

When you walk, where is your attention, on the ground up close or far ahead?

As you sit there reading this, how big are you (not your body :-)?

Are you smaller than your body or larger? How about the room, are you as
large as the room? The building? City, planet?

Try it, just put yourself out there.

You expand my beingness!

Now, why do I say that? I'll come right back to that.

When you Tweet someone, do you ever feel you are there with them a little?
How about when you read an article, do you ever get the idea you're being
talked with or read to?

As you read this, see if you can get the idea I'm talking to you because I am!

As we communicate, to some degree, I'm where you are. If our conversation is
an active two way communication, I'm definitely sharing space with you.

That means I'm occupying or being the space between us to some degree. It
means you're occupying or being the space between us to some degree at the
same time!

When I communicate with many people all around the planet and as I
communicate, my space becomes pretty much  planetary in size.

The Ocean, Mountains and the Moon.

When people go to the ocean or mountains, they get space. They expand!
This is healthy!

There is a tranquility that comes with a lot of space.

When I see the moon or the stars, my space expands hugely.

When I come back inside, it shrinks-normally but sometimes I stay out in the

Sitting here typing, I can expand to encompass the moon and many stars. I'm
not sure how many but I suspect I can be the size of the universe!

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Crowded Spaces.

An Injury or Ache

If part of your body hurts or is uncomfortable, your attention is drawn in. The
ache may cause you to focus on the body's problem.

That may bring your size down to a point. Normally, you are not a point! So
expand out! The ache or pain will not bother you so much.

I love to communicate. I love people!

You are part of my life and my space. Feel free to include me in your life and
space. Together we are stronger.

©2012  by Carl Watts/ 111012, Qs added 042315

Some of the following questions are not explained in the article above. Feel
free to ask questions or for further clarification :-)

Are you being your self?
If you are not being yourself, who are you being?
Are you being the person your parents wanted you to be or are you being the person
you want to be?
What or who would be the best person for you to be?
Can you change your beingness?
Do you know people that you can clearly see on not being themselves?
What Beingness have you assumed regarding humanity?
Did you assume your own beingness or was it assigned to you?
How big are You as an Immortal Being?
How does beingness relate to existence?
If you feel you're not being to a degree, can you decide to BE?
Do you grant beingness to others?
Do you have self respect in being what you're being?
Is beingness a higher common denominator than survival?
Should beingness be judged by possessions or actions?
At what instant does a being start to decline?
When you talk to a #psych, master of the mind, how do you know he's being himself?
Is the state of being a "human being" artificial?
Is space beingness (can you easily be without space)?
Before you got involved with the physical universe, what were you doing/being?
What goals/ambitions do you, as a being, have?
Is someone/thing preventing you from being yourself?
When "beings" don't even know they exist, how well do they know they are not a body?
Which are you, being or not being?
When you say to be, what are you being?
Do you have some beingness of infinity?
How do religions depart from infinity or infinite beingness?
What would be the beingness of all or infinity?
Can  you have a beingness of a group and still be yourself?
Does a group have a beingness of its own?
How much beingness could you be?
What force could bring an immortal being down to human?
How can a being that is total cause be at effect?
Are you surviving or being?
What area of life are you surviving or being?
What does a "maybe" do to beingness?
What does decision have to do with beingness?
How Much do you, the being, not the body, weigh?
Is emotion a condition of beingness?
Is your name important to your beingness, are you your name?
Are you constantly cold, what is your state of being?
Who are you being insane for (if you are)?
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