Writing is a method of communicating ideas between the author and the
reader using symbols.

The word “bird” is a symbol and is not a real bird.

When someone writes, the bare symbols are only marks which one hopes
will relay ideas or concepts.

The choice of words can
create negative impacts on people due to past
experiences. If I really want to communicate ideas, I must avoid words and
phrases that create reactions and stop people's ability to duplicate ideas.

A Mild Example

A headline stating “Hundreds killed by…” is likely to create a reaction of loss.
The reader may feel apathy, grief, fear, anger, or antagonism.

It is not likely to create a response of beauty, joy, serenity, or cheerfulness!

When people are in lower
emotional levels, they cease to think clearly and
only react. It’s like finding a spider on your bed, not a lot to think about.

There are points where bad, upsetting news must be passed on. In such a
situation, the data should be factual and communicated as data not

If anyone request it, I will probably write another article "How to Deliver Bad
News." It can be done ethically and enhance survival.

An Important Positive Development!

The above title creates a positive state of mind. When you read the article,
you are likely to be able to think with the information.

Doing this creates a sane situation. Receiving the information on an
analytical or logical level, you maybe able to apply the information correctly.

How to Get Aesthetics, Beauty, into Writing?

First, the author would need to intend this action. Aesthetics, beauty, is

A classic example is the glass is half empty versus the glass is half full. One
concept is negative and could imply a shortage or scarcity thus making it

Being half full could imply abundance which helps guarantee survival.
Survival is more aesthetic than death to sane people.

The Reader’s Contribution!

No matter how beautiful, skillful, poetically an article is written, the reader
must contribute his aesthetics, beauty, before any beauty will be viewed.

Back to the author for a moment, he must intend that the reader duplicates
his intention for there to be beauty and that the reader puts it there!

Flowers, babies, puppies, kittens, weddings, beaches, or mountains very
often bring visions of beauty to the reader. Those words certainly do for me!

Someone who is half dead, losing in life, will not add the beauty and will not
see the author’s vision!

By the way, people losing in life, mentally or physically, are
suppressed, oppressed, crushed or otherwise pushed down by someone or
many other people.

Being pushed down introverts one, keeps them from expanding, doing well
and blocks their ability to see beauty.


Share the beauty in life. Only pass along the bad news if it is vital to
someone’s survival. Even truth, if ugly, should not be shared unless if aids
survival. Otherwise, it only serves to suppress others, to introvert others, to
block their ability to see the beauty in life.


#LamesteamMedia attempts, pretty successfully, to suppress everyone, to
create FEAR! They state all is bad everywhere, all is ugly, hopeless and

Don’t support them by buying papers, watching their shows or even viewing
online. News radio is always bad new.

The future will be exactly as you make it.

If you don’t actively create it,
governments, #banksters, will do it for you.

Related poem: Emotional Tidal Wave.

I recently helped a friend who was ill. It took many hours but he’s pulled
himself through the illness.

The beauty in that situation was, he said “Thank you!!!” I totally got the
beauty of his appreciation!

Let me know if there's a subject you need to know more about, a question you'd like
expanded on or anything you'd like to see me write an article about. Happy to do so as
I'm always looking for new ideas. Contact me via this site by going

GodFather Advice"
"Listen and Guide, Someone to."

©2015 Carl Watts 052715

What would happen if instead of resisting evil, you focused on the good
things, beauty, a future goal?
you validate other's abilities and aesthetics as much as you should?
Where can you be that there is beauty and
If you waive your hand over the land, can you restore beauty?
Is beauty most often a
harmony of objects and motion?
Has the beauty of the world disappeared, where did you kill it for someone
When a body loses its aesthetic qualities and ceases to work well, why
would any
Immortal Being hanging onto it?
Which has a higher frequency emotions or aesthetics?
What is aesthetics in music, a painting?
How do you put aesthetics or spirtualness into writing?
What is the symbol for beauty?
Articles, information by @Poet_Carl_Watts  #KnowledgeIsPower! #AwesomeTeam
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