The Battle To Survive

Far out in space dwelled an ancient race of humanoids. This was the race called “Homo Sap” and they
lived on the planet “Rogue.”

After a period of wars and planetary troubles lasting several millions years, The Diana, a very old race of demigods, descended on
planet Rogue and brought calm to Homo  Sap's culture.

In the calming process, a few groups seemed to vanish off the planet. These were the people that profited from other’s suffering. These
were the psychos.

The psychos produced chemicals which they use try and enslave the planetary population. They were well on their way when the Diana
descended on the planet.

No one could figure out the difference between a Demigod and a god. The Diana would never talk about it. They made it clear they were
not “gods” but they certainly were far above anything “human” that had been seen in recorded history.

This is a short and uneventful story. The Diana simply vanished the psychos and the culture settled down and started to advance as
never before.

Without the drugs holding down the population, the scientist, the artist, the leaders, the culture exploded towards sanity and civilization.
Homo Sap started to do well on Rogue for the first time in history.

The Diana had been saving planets for millions of years and had created a confederacy of planets; The Unified Confederacy of Planets.

However the Diana, realized that for man to survive for the long term, man must learn to solve his own problems not be “saved” by others

Since the Diana were few and the stars were without number, man had to learn to stand up right on his own two feet.

For man, this seemed to be almost impossible task! But after many worlds, the Diana decided, "No more planet saving."

The Diana turned the power of decision of who entered the Confederacy over to Homo Sap. Homo Sap from Rogue became the
appointed “Good Samaritans” of the universe by looking out for the entire universe and not allowing any group of ill will to ruin the peace.

Homo Sap, of the planet Rogue, would invite planets into the Unified Confederacy of Planets or take steps to safeguard the

Thus man on the individual planets would have to learn to swim or sink.

The Police

All that a planet had to do to be admitted into the Confederacy was to demonstrate a basic civilization and civil actions towards it own

Of the hundreds of planets approached, only a small percentage could demonstrate “being civilized.” The rest were ignored.

Many were barbaric. Apparently the psychos when vanished from one planet reappeared some where else, hence man on this planet
didn't become civilized but became degraded.

This seemed to be true, as the actual beings were immortal even if they didn’t know it. The Diana did know it. It was a problem as even
the Diana couldn’t really get rid of something that is immortal.

Some planets were so vicious and so trapped and made evil by the psychos that they were destroyed, to keep the universe safe for

If a planet's people were strong and tough enough to adventure into space,  despite the psychos driving them insane, no world would be
safe as they expanded. Any strong, tough culture would become invaders under the control of the psychos.

The people of  Rogue became the inviting delegation and Universal Police. They were a peace force working for the good of the entire
civilized universe.

They were watched over by the Diana. Otherwise, being still human, they could almost be counted upon to go crazy with the power. The
tremendous power of their weapons, their ships, and their organizations
could be used to enslave others.

So the Diana kept close watch on their police force for a long time but eventually bored of the watch. And thus, the Homo Sap began to
make the decision of which planet's civilization survived and which needed to be wiped out, to again struggle up the evolutionary ladder
to civilization if they could.

With all the peace lasting for thousands of years, with the Diana no longer closely watching, the powers of selection had made the Homo
Saps aggressive. They really didn’t tolerate much.

When they approached a planet, the planet had to not only be civilized, but also needed to be friendly towards the Homo Saps.

Otherwise, the Homo Saps had the power to wipe clean the planet and had done so many times in the past thousands of years.

All the planet's civilization had to do was be technologically advanced and busy killing each other off, and then there would be trouble
when Homo Sap arrived. When this was happening, they usually greeted the Homo Sap as enemies.

Such a civilization would stop betraying each other on the planet only long enough to attack some other outside force. And no one could
be trusted not to attack each other or the Homo Saps. Any planet where the psychos were allowed to operate unopposed turned out this

The Approach

The small single Homo Sap ship approached Earth and began to orbit.  The crew observed the planet's reaction. It was not encouraging.

On the planet, they saw increased vehicle activity. Many trucks started moving. Aircraft started flying in huge numbers of small planes
while the larger ones ceased flying.

At sea, the big cruise ships docked and many other drab ships went to sea.

From the activity, the Homo Sap decided Earth was preparing for a war.

They tuned into the planets frequencies and decoded the languages. This took a while as there was no common language. Apparently,
Earth had failed to evolve a single language. There were many languages.

After much recording the various languages were separated out. One language was pretty much a direct descendant from Sirus minor.
And all were derived from Sirius minor’s basic xophonic language. Thus it was obvious that the Earthling and the people of Sirius were
related to some degree in the distant past.

But from the broadcast the people of Earth in general didn’t know there was life other than on their own small planet. All the messages
said they were the only life and it was preached that they only lived once.

So when Earth detected that a ship, an alien ship not belonging to Earth, was near, many of the powers became very worried about their

Historically there was probably good reason to be worried. When the settlers from one culture landed in a less advanced area they were
greeted with open arms and warmth. This led to a loss of land and much killing. Almost anytime a group of Earthlings went into another
land, there was loss of possessions and deaths.

So perhaps Earth man had a reason to distrust others. Would an alien not act like man did?

Under the effects of the psychos and their drugs, man had difficulty thinking and certainly thinking the best about others was not
encouraged on Earth.

The media constantly sold fear. They made every crime anywhere sound worse than it was and made it clear it was in “your” backyard!
Be scared and keep alerted to crime by buying our paper, watching our news and on and on.

The police made the environment dangerous. If there weren’t enough crimes to justify their existence, the police could be counted upon
to go out and commit crimes. Sometimes this was so obvious that they had to catch each other. Usually, it just continued “undetected”.

The doctors desiring to continue their monopoly kept the population ill and drugged thus profiting and keeping big pharma happy!

Insurance companies loved the continued illness; something to sell protection against and make huge profits from.

The generals with no war were bored. A military with nothing to do is an obvious waste so “police actions” to keep the world safe (for
continued military existence) were kept going on several fronts!

And of course, the government must keep control over its population. So in the name of public safety, they continually lessened the rights
of the individual and tightened their control. “Motherland security” was born.

Never was man in more trouble!

So how could man, with treason all about him from groups that should be helping his survival, expect anything else from an outsider?

So support from the population to prepare a defense against the “invaders” was immediate and huge. Thus “security” was tightened
even more. More of the resources of Earth were diverted towards military might and destruction.

More were drugs prescribed by the doctors to handle the worries fanned by the media. More and more the hysteria was growing on

All the while, the powerful but peaceful Homo Sap were sitting out in space observing, looking for signs of civilization. They looked for
some sign that Earth should be allowed to join the Confederacy.

On Earth, the governments were jealous of each other. Each was desiring to obtain the secrets of the ship as it was clearly more
advanced than Earth technology was.

While they didn’t trust each other, they each wanted to use each other and not have to pay for the full cost of the project. Each thought
that they could betray the others and steal the ship for themselves once it was captured.

So the future of Earth was cast. Capture the friendly ship and steal the secrets for one nation to advance that nations scientific position.
More conquest and suppression of others was the plan of the day.

Very rapidly, an international fleet of ships was put together. These were to be launched into space all at once.

The plan was to encircle the lone ship with a superior number of ships. Once this was done, a small scout was to approach in friendship.
The scout’s crew were select killers whose mission was to gain the trust of the invaders and then take over their ship. They would take
any captives they could but kill all if necessary.

Not being too intelligent, the international group of generals and government leaders thought they could pull this off.

They might have done so had the Homo Sap not be listening in on every encoded message that the governments passed back and forth
about their covert plans.

So about two months into Homo Sap’s observation, Earth launched its mismatched fleet to capture the invaders.

It may seem obvious that perhaps they should have tried to communicate to the “invaders” but the idea of finding out why the ship was
here was blocked by the deep distrust created by the psychos and their tool the media. “Everyone” knew the ship was part of an invasion
and we needed their secrets to defend Earth against the up coming full scale invasion!

That is everyone in power knew this.

Scattered about the planet there were many people that the arrival of an alien ship created wonder and hope for an enlightened future.
But they were a minority in a world gone crazy from drugs and suppression.

The fleet approached the lone ship and proceeded, as planned, to encircle it. The ship merely waited.

The small scout, whose crew was to enter the ship and take over, was launched and the approach was going smoothly.

Homo Sap watched with a bit of sadness and a bit of anger. There was a discussion and it was decided they would try to communicate
and see if the Earthlings could be convinced to stop their conquest attempt of the Homo Sap ship.

“Hello, Earthlings” was broadcast in English and Chinese as these were the major languages of the planet. “We come in peace.”

“Why do you encircle our ship? What are your intentions?”

The startled crews of every ship started talking rapidly amongst themselves. The same message was received all around Earth at the
same time.

The commanders of the Earth fleet conferred with the Earth commanders below still ignorant that the Homo Sap listened to every word.

The treachery and distrust on Earth brought about by the psychos and big pharma, prevented any real reasoning or intelligent response.
The commanders on the ship and on Earth agreed to continue to covertly try to take over the ship.

They responded to Homo Sap's questions. “We have come to aid you since you have been idle for so long we assumed you must be
damaged and not able to move. Our crew will board you to help with repairs.”

Homo Sap listened with deepened sadness and a bit more anger at the lies and the evil intention behind the words.

The Decision was Made

The Homo Sap’s scout was small. But size is not a factor when the laws of matter and energy are truly understood.

They programmed a brief firing sequence into the weapons computer and commenced. The Earth fleet vanished in a brief flash of light.

Next they turned their weapons on the major cities of the planet. Their beams were only designed to destroy surface objects and not
destroy the planet itself.

Another flash and the planet lost half its major population centers. The ship moved around the other side and the rest of the planet's
major population centers vanished.

The destruction was complete. The beams had destroyed the surface installations and penetrated into the earth to knock out the missile
launching capabilities there. Some mountains vanished.

It was a sad moment as intelligent races are few; civilized intelligent races are even fewer!

The Homo Sap ship left to continue its journey looking for intelligent civilizations to invite into the Confederacy.

A few thousand years later, they came by the same planet, Earth, there was no evidence of man being any threat. No real evidence of
man at all beyond a few gatherings here and there across the planet.

Unfortunately, the past destruction of the civilization centers had rocked the planet and shifted its axis. Areas that had been warm were
now cold. Areas that had been cold were now tropical.

Homo Sap did make a note for history: At the time of the destruction there had been an unusually large species of animal roaming about
the planet. This large of a species was not common to most planets and was a real loss.

The Earthlings had called these dinosaurs. These large animals were too slow and too large to handle the change and in just a couple
thousand years they were all gone, vanished.

The Future

The Homo Sap ship resumed its journey about the galaxy. It was scheduled to visit Earth again in a few million years because man on
Earth was not gone and would surely rise up again.

Would man be a civilized being or would the psychos again direct the culture to oppression and conquest of man and all that lived?

Homo Sap knew that this same visit would happen again and wondered, would the next chapter for Earth end the same in destruction or
would Earth be invited into the Confederacy?

To be continued…Want to read more,
Contact me!

By Carl Watts
copyright © 2008
7/26/08, 8/25/08, 9/14/08, 11/8/08,
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