Bad News, How to Handle                01/16/2013

I'm going to share my personal secrets. They are so personal, I'm going to
post on my website for all to learn.

What I do works for me.

Will it work for you, of course not! After all, nothing works ever, does it?

First is Limit Your Amount of Bad News

I wrote a whole article “How the News Media is Used to Control Us.” I
suggest you take a minute and read it by
clicking here.

If you know someone who is always sharing bad news with you in a negative
way, lose them. Stay away from them. Related articles “
Who Has the RIGHT
to Insult You?” and “Stress Re-Defined.”

Family is most difficult to avoid. When they bring you bad news, don't go into
agreement with how bad it is. Change the subject!

Agreeing with bad news feeds the situation and it will grow! Disagree and be

I'd rather walk away from them  than be pulled down by them. But I
have to do that.

I tend to pull them up and direct the conversation to happier subjects. "What
do you think about this weather we are having?" Or use the latest sports
event or movie anything except bad news!

That can be done. See articles “
How to Correct” “How to Get Cooperation.”
How to Get Agreement"

Related article: “

Bad News You Will Receive Regardless

There will be bad news that gets to you no matter what you do. I actively
avoid it and still some gets through!

There are some things I have to face, learn about and handle. I never trust
the media for truthful information. They manufacture
false data, out right lies.

So when you hear something, you have to sort out what the truth really is.

When 911 happened, there was no way not to know about it and still be part
of the human race on earth.

So You've Gotten the BAD NEWS, Now What?

Keeping the Body Quiet!

There are a some things that help me survive.

Before I continue, notice my disclaimer near the bottom of the right hand

This is something I do EVERY DAY! It is a basic defense for the body against
stress. I take my supplements!

I take B vitamins. I take a form of
B1 that is a high quality. It is a "Wellness
Support Network" product containing a form of B1 know as Benfotiamine.

I take 3 capsule morning and 3 more at night, sometime even more if I
encounter bad news that doesn't resolve immediately.

My amounts of supplements are not meant as a recommendation for you. Go
to a nutritionist or chiropractor and get tested to see what is the right serving
for your body. Take your supplement with you when you go, they will need
them to test you!

I take  
500 mg of B5. I take 100 mg of B6.

In the morning and at night, I take a "
Standard Process" supplement called

I take about half a serving of
Calm plus Calcium. That is a
magnesium/calcium powder you add boiling water to. It's a very good product.
I usually make a full serving and put it in my
Kale Blueberry shake. My wife
gets half of that :-)

This combination help me keep the body quiet! I feel it helps me sleep better

Stressors -Things That Stress Bodies

It's bad enough to have to deal with bad news. No one don't wants to have to
deal with a panicked body at the same time.

Drinking too much coffee can create a state of anxiety. Unless you are very
aware, you will confuse the body's anxiety as your own fear. A related article
is "

Low blood sugar can make you nervous and confused. Eat your vegetables
and avoid processed foods and chemicals. Here a chart that will give you
some very useful information. “
Hormone Triggers.”

Lack of sleep can make you physically and mentally weak.

That will pretty much handle your body reactions to bad news.

The summary of that is keep the nutrition in and the toxins out! Help your
body help you. If you don't, the least little bad news can overwhelm you.

Have you ever seen a tired and hungry child? Have you noticed the least bad
new will cause them to cry? That you only bigger :-)


The other day, I got some bad news. Even though it didn't apply to me
directly, for a minute I was mildly upset.

I got busy and totally forgot about it.

I wrote an entire article on this facet:
Dee-Pression. Click to read!

Taking a Walk

Walking releases stress. Go for a long walk. I guarantee it will not be as bad
by the time you get back.

This is also good for your body. Walking is work as I explain in the article


Write Down the Bad News

Bad news is often not as bad as it sounds.

If fact, it may only be some forgotten past incident that the similar new kicks
into upset.

So not only are you dealing with the “bad new” of the day, you probably are
feeling the effect from your past.

Writing down the data can take it out of your mind and put it on paper.

Look for generalities being used in bad news. Related article “

You may find the bad news is not such a big deal.

This definitely works for resolving upsets between people. I wrote an article
on this “
The Warring Couple.”

If you find none of this worked, well I told you so from the beginning :-) But
there is more and to find out what it is, you'll have to chat with me. Let me
know if I can assist you.

Should you be curious, I have listed various other point that you may find of
interest. They may or may not be directly related to this or other articles
beyond survival of humanity and the rights of men and women.

Life best survives when working in coordination with life, not fighting each other!

If you need gentle assistance, contact me. I am trained in resolving conflicts very successfully.

Helping someone spot what condition(s) and what the solutions are to handle them is exactly
what I do in life.

Improving the conditions of others is my destination and purpose in life. A little true knowledge can
go a long way. I do not ask that you believe anything!

Routinely I say #EverythinWill_B_OK!I believe that is true!

Also, “A person is only as valuable as he aids others in their games of survival!”
Quoting myself :-)

Feel Free to Communicate with Me!

I am open to communication. Email me Carl @ carlwattsartist .com (remove spaces. Call me and
leave a message 818_400_2035.

Let me know if there's a subject you need to know more about, a question you'd like expanded on
or anything you'd like to see me write an article about. Happy to do so as I'm always looking for
new ideas. Contact me via the above.

"GodFather Advice"
"Listen and Guide, Someone to."
Drifting or Driving"

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