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"BPA" Danger to Children
and Adults
Hey guys,

    There's whole "debate" over the subject of BPA. It is used in the production of a lot
    of baby bottles, sippy cups, pacifiers, etc. and has caused quite a stir in the mommy

    I wanted to make sure you guys know about it so you can avoid it as much as possible.

    BPA stands for Bisphenol A.  It's a chemical that leaches out of a lot of products
    made from polycarbonate.  A lot of plastic cups, plastic bottles (like Nalgene bottles) are made from
polycarbonate.  BPA is also at it's highest levels in things like canned foods (it's in the lining of the can).  You know how you
aren't supposed to reuse disposable water bottles?  It's because they are literally only safe for one time use.  After one use
they start leaching high levels of BPA.  And why they aren't supposed to be left in the sun...because heat allows BPA to leach
out at much higher levels.  Why you aren't supposed to microwave plastics?  Because it leaches out BPA into your food.  

BPA has been proven to cause breast cancer in studies done on rats.  Canada is in the process of banning it from use in baby
bottles and baby formula containers.  They are the first country to actually do a full and comprehensive study on BPA.  

The FDA currently is stating that the levels of BPA in our products is at low enough levels that it is safe and poses no threat.  
But we all know how "smart" the FDA is.  

Here's a website that has a ton of info about BPA:
(there are a ton of links on this site, I'd just ignore them and read the front page of it to get a basic understanding of what BPA

Here's a site that give you a pretty good guide to products with and without BPA and other concerning plastics:

Anyhow, I know this is a lot to read, so get to it when you can.  I find it concerning so I feel I should at least let you guys know
about it.

Nutrition Response Testing can detect plastics if they are bothering your body!
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