Recall the deepness, far into the star lit sky,
Admire afar, the immense mountains
Bask in the warmth, the sun always above
Feel your own great inner potential

The vastness of the night
The mass of the mountain
The warmth of the sun
All pale compared to man.

Always, man has been told no
Constantly reminded how small he is
Demonstrated to the weakness of his being
All lies, done to keep you trapped

You’ve forgotten your own glory
You’ve agreed to be a slave
You’ve dug your own grave
Only one life to live, you listened
By listening, believing and agreeing
Finally reduced to almost nothing
All done by your own hand mighty hand

Listen no more to the doom sayers
Believe not the slave masters that make less of you
Take advice not from witch doctors
Ignore the urges to “feel better fast” from a shrink
Freedom does not lie in the lies they push

Be your own counsel in your life
Make your own decisions to create your future
Look for truth that you can see works for you
Break free from the shadow of the slaver’s yoke

Look deep into the endless past, greatness was there
Know the future is endless, know vast potential is yours
Create a future of freedom, feel the awe of your own potential
Feel it! Believe it. It is real, it is you

Those moments that you’ve felt great
Those moments, that is the true you!
Be yourself, be that greatness that’s you
You can do this, all men can.

Enslavers have you trapped
Ignorant, drugged, unaware of who you are
Unconscious of your immense potential
Should you but glimpse your true power
You’d be free, no longer a slave

Controlled, taxed, drugged, hypnotized
Convinced by all literature and art,
No chance of freedom for you.

Working hours and hours to just keep up
A slave to the society that you keep running
Look for that potential, the greatness in you
You know it’s there; but you’ve been convinced it’s not

It’s been denied and made less of for eons.
The very universe beats you down or so you feel
Just step out and see it for what it is
A game gone bad, a great sadness for man

Again, recall those moments of greatness
Focus on these, become powerful once more
Become free, help others to know
Cast aside the yoke, be a slave no more
Help create freedom for man, be free yourself

Complain not, criticize not, be free
Focusing on the problems keep you trapped
Focus on greatness and be great
Focus on freedom and be free

The Poet

©2009 Carl Watts


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