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This is not so much an article as it is my musing over a question about my
own aura.

What is an “aura”?

My definition is an aura is the effects you create on the environment around

How far does your aura extend? I guess that would be up to you as the
creator of your aura!

The definition
per Google:

    “the distinctive atmosphere or quality that seems to surround and be
    generated by a person, thing, or place.”

    “a supposed emanation surrounding the body of a living creature,
    viewed by mystics, spiritualists, and some practitioners of
    complementary medicine as the essence of the individual, and
    allegedly discernible by people with special sensibilities.”

That “distinctive atmosphere or quality” is always generated by a person not
by a thing or place. Any aura of a place or thing is the result of a being
creating it.

Electronically, you can generate a field but that is not the type aura I'm
referring to. I'm referring to the one you personally have.

A supposed emanation” is Google being cautious or ignorant. It exist.

Can a mystic or spiritualist perceive it, sure! However so can anyone else
that's alive and free to put their attention on the matter.

As for it's use to compliment medicine, no, it will not compliment medicine. It
may very well compliment healing.

Can you detect the aura of others?

What is your aura?

Do you want to improve your aura?

Can you use your aura to help others?

Can you turn your aura off or dampen it?

Perception of an Aura

Have you ever seen a woman that was so beautiful and competent that she
impressed you before you knew anything about her? She has an aura that
drew your attention. Men do the same thing.

I used to work at a private school. You could have called me a trouble
shooter. I looked for and handled problems.

I would silently walk in and observe a classroom. I would notice how many
students turned to see who had entered. They didn't hear me. They didn't see
me. But they knew I was there. My aura created some type impact on them.

While working there, sometimes I didn't want to be perceived, stealth mode. I
was almost invisible :-)

When I go places, I make an intentional effort to smile. As I get noticed, I want
to create a good effect not scare people.

Let me give an example. Today, I was in my favorite coffee shop standing in
line. At the far end of the store was a man standing. He wore dark
sunglasses. His feet were some distance apart. His aura was an antagonistic
challenge to everyone in the store.

I simply made the space of the store mine. I let his antagonistic aura pass
through with no resistance from me.

He was simply unpleasant noise in my environment. His aura was one of
confrontation and not aesthetic. I'm sure he made many people
uncomfortable. Sad as he's around there often and it is a very nice store.
Perhaps he can just go away and have a drink at the local bar instead of my
coffee shop!

Quality of an Aura

What quality do I want to have other perceive?

I know that in stressful situations, I create a “calm” by being there.

When someone has a problem, I walk over to help and just my attention or
aura is enough to help them to go ahead and solve or handle the problem.
This has happened with so many people so many times. My aura contains
“solution” as part of my beingness.

People are always asking me question on the street so my aura must be
“safe” and “knowledgeable”.

How to Achieve an Aura

First, I suggest you write down what you want people to think about you when
they first notice you. Clothing may be part of this! Clean nails, how you care
for and maintain your body is normally noticed.

If you're just interested in attracting the opposite sex, that is what you will be
putting out. That has a limited work ability. Anyone responding should be
interested in more qualities than just the fact you're a male or female. (Of
course there's exceptions!)

When I was looking for a wife, I was confident. I was looking for someone
capable of creating a future with me.

I did write down what I was looking for. My entire beingness was lined up with
my purpose of finding a wife. My aura displayed my intentions and desires.

If you want to get real good, name what you're trying to be, do, or have and
survey people you meet to see how well they get your objectives just from
your aura.

An Expansive Aura

I was considering how to create an even larger more perceivable aura.

Do I bring myself down into a smaller area to be concentrated? The answer is
no as space is a consideration of quantity. As a being, I do not have quantity,
I have quality.

I found if I put some space between where I am and my body, my aura feels
cleaner, more harmonious. I realized that I am usually much closer to my
body and sometimes even inside my head.

Bodies are noisy, busy places.
I've written about voices before, which I don't
have. But I can tell you there is a “noise” which my body generates.

So the first step in a more expansive aura for me is being at the most
optimum distance form the body. That is easy when I'm not interacting with

Just walking the body is simple. Observing, talking and listening complicates
being exterior. I'll practice that.

That was yesterday, today, I tried this. I walked past the front of the Post
Office and went in a side door. I glanced at the front area and every person in
there waiting in line was looking my way. Coincident? Ha, I think not!

Then I went for coffee. The effect was very similar. In the parking lot, people
were looking my way. I don't think it is because I am physically beautiful, but
they were looking!

I realized what was happening. My aura is there. When I am exterior, I notice
it more but it is always there.

If I want it more perceivable by others, I'll just intend it to be so and it will be

How to double your aura? Just do it, consider it doubled. Put it out there and
it will be there.

My question about auras is now solved!


If you have questions about auras, emotions, your beingness, your identity,
being outside your body, life or death, feel free to ask. The odds are I'll ask
you questions and you will answer your own question.

A story that's a bit related. It's short:
A Round About Way.

If you need gentle assistance, contact me.

Helping someone spot what condition(s) and what the solutions are to handle them is exactly
what I do in life.

Improving the conditions of others is my destination and purpose in life. I have no products that
you need to buy to get better. A little true knowledge can go a long way. I also do not ask that
you believe anything!

You are worthy of help as I know you have already helped many others and life probably owes

Routinely I say #EverythinWill_B_OK!I believe that is true!

Also, “A person is only as valuable as he aids others in their games of survival!”
Quoting myself :-)

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