Attitude and Exchange

Why do people cheer for the underdog? Why do they help a person when the
person is down?

Because, as underdogs, they do not have enough strength to win or not
enough strength to get up or want you to think that. The other possible
reason because you want them to think they are powerless like the
government does with it's handouts!

Regardless of the reason, the results is the same: they have too little power!

Do you see this, can you agree?

The government gives handouts to people.

What effect does that create?

It creates a group of people too powerless to help themselves. These same
powerless people, sheeple, are slaves to the government. See related article
Ethical Activism vs Sheeple.

Is there a lot of disagreement with this?

Who do the welfare recipients vote for?

The man that wants them to go to work or the guy that will keep handing out
cash, food and housing?

As an aside, who pays for the cash, food and housing the governments gives

Are you tracking with me?

I'm not saying that charity is bad.

I'm not saying that we can't or should not help someone that needs help.

But who should decide who gets my help? Should
government decide or should I have that right?

If I see a beggar, should the government decide I have to pay them a
thousand dollars a month? Or if I see a musician, playing on the street, can I
give him money if I want or must I ask the government's permission?

I guess it comes down to who controls the spending of my money. Right?
How about the spending of YOUR money?

The man on the street, playing a tune for me is exchanging. I should be able
to donate to his survival if I like.

It is the same with a beggar. I can donate to him or not.

But I should never be forced by the government to feed, clothe and house a
beggar! I believe the Bill of Rights says I don't have to house troops, so why
would I have to house people that will not work?

It is my opinion that too many people think that the government will be just in
the redistribution of our wealth. It failed miserably in the USSR!

No, I have to tell you, the government is controlled by the bankters and the
only direction the wealth is going is up to them.


All the bad loans and foreclosures did what? These actions transferred real
properties from individuals to the banksters.

No money was lost by them since they loaned money created only by a
notation in their book. They create money as they go.

There is no exchange as they have nothing of value except we think they do.

The banksters are out exchange with mankind. They are the criminally insane.

They finance cluster bombs, the building of nuclear power plants that are
designed to fail. The banksters own monsanto, bigpharma, chemical
companies, and finance the chemtrails... etc! See my article:
Conflicts on

But back on subject, exchange and attitude.

See related article
Governments, Solution For.

Exchange and Attitude

If you work and exchange, you will be happier. Look at the unemployed
receiving government money, are they happy?

If you don't have a job, start donating time to a charity! Get busy!

Doing nothing will kill you rapidly as you will be
dee-pressed. You will be
drugged should a medico or social worker (psych) find out about your

Promoting the Positive

The very least you can do is choose what effect your communications will
create on others.

Should you dwell on how bad it all is? How bad it is over there? How bad the
economy, weather, health and so on.

My mom had a saying, if you don't have something good to say, don't say

This alone would put the media out of business.

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