Artists and Aesthetics                                               10/06/13

I'm an artist and I have a family of talented artists. Not all of them paint full
time, but they all have created beautiful admirable art.

I'm an artist with words. I weave pictures with words for the relaying of
information and the entertainment of others...and...myself. It's fun!

What Prompted This Article

I view many follower's profiles. I attract a lot of artists and follow most.

However, some have profile pictures which look like they were taken from a
horror film. I do not follow gross/ugly profile pictures. I also do not follow
profiles that promote drugs and other degrading subjects.

Have you noticed a few of them?

If they are gross enough, I block them so I don't come across them again! I
don't need their ugliness in my universe!

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Art Should Convey Aesthetics

“Art” that doesn't convey aesthetics is not art!

Let me give an example. Some people consider a military tank, a destructive
machine, beautiful. I do not. It is ugly!

People enjoy watching someone beat another human to a bloody pulp. I do
not. It is ugly.

Show me a beauty pageant!

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Artists That Create Ugly Disharmonious Scenes or
Sounds Are NOT Artists.

Hitler was an “artist” at swaying masses of people. His "art" brought about
massive deaths. Not very pretty, just ugliness!

Our past few presidents had similar abilities to Hitler, they are skilled at
smiling and lying! Our presidents are knowingly destroying our nation. That is
not pretty. They are not leaders, but like Hitler, they are destroyers.

It is difficult to give a popular celebrity example of this. The reason is most
people reject ugliness. Most of the “artists” that create ugliness never achieve
much. Their “art” only upsets a few people.

Have you ever seen/heard some “art” that you felt was terrible or gross? It

But if someone does strike the right harmonic, they can drive humanity into a
dark ages with a beautiful ugliness!

Politicians and Art

Politicians are financed where artists are not. They are coached, trained to lie
with bright smiles. As actors on stage, they rarely say an uncoached public
statement. They can't.

When they do speak, the politician's messages is "artistically" calculated to
get emotional responses. Strong emotional response deny an analytical

Why I was moved by one of obama's speeches. At the same time, I knew he
was lying through a smiley face!

Art evokes emotional responses as well as potentially thoughtful responses.

What kind of response depends on the “artist” and their intention. Politician
are not artist, they are trained mouth pieces that spew lies.

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Artists Have a Responsibility

A song can travel for hundreds of years. Great paintings are admired for

Those creations have aesthetics.  Artists create the future.

Unfortunately, aesthetics can be attached to ugly and destructive things.
Artists that do this are traitors to humanity! They can create a dark ugly future
for humanity.

Just because it is true or real does not mean it should be thrust into other
people's universe unless a solution is also provided or an inspiration to take
positive actions. Presenting a problem or ugliness with a solution/inspiration is
valuable. Without a solution or inspiration, it is just upsetting.

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If you are an artist, what kind of future do you want to create?

Drugs, violence, no responsibility? Promiscuity with your daughter?

Remember what you put into your music, videos, painting, poems... creates
effects on humanity and the future. You maybe creating that future for
yourself and family.

However most artists are striving to create a brighter future. Together, we can
do it! Keep creating!

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By the way, creative license doesn't automatically grand an artist the right to
create ugliness, a dark future, for others. It is simply wrong and I believe the
artist knows this.

In my opinion, people that feel they have to do this don't have true ability.
They think they must rely on the shock value of ugliness. They seek to pull
others down to their degraded level.

It doesn't have to be that way. If they are artists, let them create a survival

Is that explicit enough? Let me know.

©2013 by Carl Watts/  100613
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