Art Day

Red, Yellow, Blue, Colors so grand
Out across our land. Painting with sound,
Music with images, sculpture with life
All can be found if you look around
Celebrated on Art Day!

Religions enjoy beautiful scenes
Sacred traditions, glorious colors
Magnificent words of praise, happiness
Families laughing, children playing,
Happy Art Day, they say all over the world
Family and Religion, both very important
Celebrated on Art Day!

Around the world, chocolate cookies are baking.
Hot and delicious, being served for the taking
Flowers and parades, music and songs
The Magic Picture Frame, children know.
Children have a secret, a doorway To their muse
All the while the parents are being amused.
CD’s, statues, beads aesthetically created
Celebrated on Art Day!

Man’s spirit may sag but Not today
Art and Art Day create space and lighten life
People become alive, Earth a happier place
Peace, tolerance, grace for the human race
The artists are helped, art more known about
Collections of art of all kinds, shapes, colors,
The collector loves To brag and shout about his art
All celebrated on Art Day!

I’ll take a cookie and give you a poem.
Life is about To begin again, Art Day is soon
Won’t you join the many artists that day at noon?
The human race will be glad you came that day
Art Day! Happens August on the second Friday!
You’ll walk away happier, lighter with more space.
Celebrate Art Day with us!

©2009 Carl Watts

For information on Art Day, Click here!
Page created 2/3/09, modified 2/23/09,
I received an email from Beck Mate, Founder of Art Day, today, 7/14/09:

Dear Art Day enthusiasts,
I just put the official 2009 Art Day poem by Carl Watts in a basket of art that I gave To the Glendale Chamber of Commerce, for them To
raffle off at their monthly networking mixer. Also in the basket were art cards, a play, a pewter statue, a music CD, a story-reading CD,
Giving baskets of art is fun. Do you know anyone you'd like To give a basket of art To? Go for it!

Becky Mate
Founder Int'l Art Day, 2nd Fri in Aug
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