Are All DRUGS BAD?... or... Are Some

It is a question that has been batted about for a long time.

According to the pharmaceutical boys, all drugs are wonderful, they can
cure anything!

The actual fact is, drugs CAN NOT cure ANYTHING at all.

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A drug is a chemical. It is a toxin, poison. Very clearly they state, keep away
from children. Contact Poison Control...

More people die of drug death than they do from auto accidents which use
to be the number one accidental killer of Americans!

Drug Overdoses Kill More Americans Than Car
Accidents: CDC

So I'd like to get more specific.

All drugs are POISONS.

For example, caffeine is a poison. A little bit will stimulate the body. It does
this by creating a danger to the body. The body or even just a specific gland
or organ will speed up.

The poison creates an anxiety in the body or gland or organ. When you
drink more than a few cups of coffee, you may well experience anxiety, a
fearful state of being!

This "fearful" state is the body being worried because you are poisoning it!

Consume a lot more and the caffeine will start sedating you. Too much
caffeine stops stimulating and start sedating.

Sedation is the step beyond the body reacting to the danger of the drug with
increased activity or stimulation. As the poison is increased, sedation
becomes death. Sedation is the body going into apathy as an organism
before it dies.

So if you continue to increase the poison, the organism or parts of the
organism will die. Taking enough of any poison will kill an organism. It will
kill your body.

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What about the “medical” benefits?

Yes, what about them?

We have been deceived and educated/advertized into believing drugs are
good and can handle things.

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Poison is not beneficial to living organism such as your human body!


Let say your in a car accident and damage your body badly. Perhaps the
heart needs to be stimulated! Pump more blood—emergency.

Or you're going to get your dentist knee and a jackhammer put into your
mouth! Drugs please!

Of course you realize, cutting the communication lines between you and
your mouth may come back to bite you later!

Those pains you didn't feel while your mouth was sedated, they call it
"numbed," didn't vanish and may come back later. But that's another article.

Okay, what other time is poisoning the body good?


No, poisoning the body to kill the “cancer” is deadly to your entire body.

It is my opinion that chemo, radiation, surgery are all malpractice
“therapies”. They violate the physician's oath! (They may not even take an
oath. See Related article:
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"Therapy" is defined as: that which heals or cures. No cancer “treatment”
does that.


In fact, chemotherapy and radiation are causes of cancer, not cures!

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How about infections and taking antibiotics?

What do antibiotics do? They kill organisms. Your body, by the way, is an

There is tremendous evidence antibiotics severely damage your immune

Aspirin (OTC NSAID)?

If you have a fever, do aspirins etc help? Let us take a look at that.

The fever is one of the body's method of defense. If you take aspirin etc,
you are hindering the body from defending itself.

Is that good?  No. By hindering the healing process, it will take longer to get

How about for a headache? Any time you take a drug for a physical
problem, at best, you are only masking a symptom.

If your body has a problem, by using a drug, you are hiding the problem. To
make matters worse, you are ingesting poison into your body which the
body has to get rid of!

Drugs are not used as fuel nor to repair the body!

So how is that better? Maybe for a very short term but long term it is
dangerous. Do your own research!

Do drug causes healing? Ask any honest doctor!


No, I am afraid to disappoint your. Despite the best advertising and crooked
politicians and doctors, vaccines are toxic poisons that kill and maim
children and the rest of us.

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It is my opinion that the use of drugs 99% of the time is a crime!

There is little that proper nutrition can not handle.

The elimination of toxins works wonders.


The trouble with alternative solutions is there is little money in it.

Big pharma/ama/fda (same people) frantically oppose any solution with will
cut their poison/burn/cut monopoly!

The body will heal itself, beat infections/cancer with proper assistance.

It is my believe cancer is preventable. "Dr. Otto Warburg was awarded the
Nobel Prize in 1931 for discovering the cause of cancer. Cancer is caused
when the body's cells change from aerobic respiration to anaerobic
respiration. The growth of cancer cells is initiated by a lack of oxygen"
read more!

It would seem, knowing the cause of cancer, a prevention could be found.
But who makes huge profits from healthy people?

I could go on but let me summarize:

Drugs are all poisons!

In an extreme emergency, use them. But once the "extreme" part is gone,

NEVER take psych medications. They NEVER help and only damage.

If you're already on meds, consult a doctor, who is not being paid by the
pharmaceutical companies to continue drugging you, before you stop!

Nothing I'm saying here will cure you or heal you. I want to keep the
ama/pharma/fda swat teams off my yard!


I'm adding this topic even though "antibiotics" are not drugs, they kill your
immune system!

Antibiotics severely damage your immune system if not killing it off entirely!

Antibiotics are a guarantee of future visits to the medical doctor's office for
more drugs and or antibiotics.

In most cases, some exceptions, antibiotics are huge damaging over kills!
There are herbs and supplements that work faster and with NO SIDE
EFFECTS. Do your research!


Do you know the difference between God and a MD? God doesn't think he's
a doctor!

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